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Check Out These Member Testimonials

Check Out These Member Testimonials
MeepMeep 31, Milqwaukee

Adult Hookups is off the hook(ups)! Haha, see what I did there? Anwyay, before AdultHookups I was kind of lost as to where women my age were hanging out in the city. It seemed that the crowd everywhere I liked to frequent was not in my demographic. Once I started using AdultHookups, I found out that all the girls I was looking for were spending their time here on adult dating sites!

PerfctlyBronzd 25, Columbus

I's not hard for a girl like me to get guys. So what did AdultHookups have to offer girls like me? Well, it gives us endless options. Any kind of man, any kind of sex, whatever we're looking for! It's convenient, and cheaper than going out to the bar. Plus there are all kinds of options and features to play around with and keep you entertained whenever!

LilDarlin_95 19, Santa Fe

I'm into a particular kind of guy, and let's just say it's not the kind of guy I meet in my every day adventures. I started using Adult Hookups because I heard they had really great search features where you can really specify who you're looking to meet. Let's just say I was not disappointed! I've been using AdultHookups ever since to find my kind of local guys.

287Chains 38, Salt Lake City

I'll admit it: I'm lazy. I wanted to be able to find sex close to home without having to do any work. It sounds like a crazy dream, I know, but I swear I made it come true with Adult Hookups. I met lots of girls right in my neighborhood and now I have plenty of sweet lady bits to choose from every weekend (or whenever I want). It doesn't get better than that!

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A free local adult dating site like is the best way to find sex close to home. If you are sitting at home, feeling a little randy, stirring a little down there, you are probably thinking about having sex. And having it fast! Not meaning the sex itself will be fast, of coure, but that you will find the sex fast. Free local adult dating is a answer to your sexy plea. AdultHookups exists to bring local horny singles together for fast, easy sex. Everyone on AdultHookups is looking for the same thing: free local adult dating and casual sex hookups.

We have millions of members all across the world, and thousands in cities all over America. Finding sex online has never been easier than it is right now, with free local adult dating site We strive to be the best free local adult dating site that is out there and we do this by having the most members online, offering top of the line site features and communication platforms, and supporting our members' success ever step of the way. If you want to find sex close to home, you have come to the right place.

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It seems silly that we'd never have to explain how all of these are good words, but hey... we can if you want to. Well, sex is good... easy sex is good... easy sex close by is even better, and if it's free? Well, now we're talking! There really are no downsides to free local adult dating! Free is better than not free, local is better than half way across the world, and adult dating is better than regular online dating! Or maybe you are just wondering why adult dating online is better than the good ol' fashioned going down to the bar and buying women drinks in the hope that they will come home with you dating. Well, you have found your way to our humble little site here, so chances are you were already looking into free local adult dating, right? You have heard good things, right? You just want to be sure before you join, right? We can understand that.

AdultHookups is free to join, so you are welcome to sign up and check out the site and all our members before you commit to anything. You have thousands of local women to choose from and connect with. We have the largest collection of erotic stories, photos, and videos. You have access to our sex chat rooms, discussion boards, and webcam shows. How much of that can you get at a bar? At best you have maybe a dozen woman to choose from in an average bar. And for every woman there, there is probably five to ten guys looking to hookup too. Women in bars do not want to give you the time of day. They just want to get free drinks and have their pick of the litter... if they pick any one at all! When you use a free local adult dating sites like AdultHookups, you can find the women who are attracted to you, are sexually compatible with you, and who are close to you. You can find any woman you are looking for: any age, height, weight, body type, marital status, ethnicity - whatever you are looking for, we have her on the best free local adult dating site, Not to mention we have women who are into every fetish and sexual preference under the sun! Have a foot fetish? Interested in role playing? Always wanted to try out water sports or dogging? You can find all kinds of nasty women on Adult Hookups who would love to join your sexual experimentation.

On our free local adult dating site, there are not more men than women online; you do not have the competition that you find out in the real world. Plus, Adult Hookups doubles as site you can use when you just feel like being entertained online - sex chat rooms for cyber sex, webcam shows and video chats for voyeurs and exhibitionists, or our large collection of photos, videos, and stories if you want to get off alone. We have it all here on the #1 free local adult dating site.

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I like to describe myself as an "outdoorsy" person, but not the way you're thinking - campiing, hiking, and that shit. I like to have sex outdoors. That's what really gets me off. But it's not safe for me to just go around a public park and ask people to have sex with me, but with AdultHookups I can plan safe sex meetings easily. Wanna join me outside?


I'm not a girl that asks for much. Just a man with a healthy sexual appetite and who knows how to use what he's got. As long as you can bring me to orgasm, I could care less about anything else. Show me what you got and maybe you'll get more than one taste of me. Message me if you're ready to try your luck and test your skills.


I used to think that guys who were into me because I am Asian were jerks, but on Adult Hookups I find that guys who are turned on by my ethnicity are more often than not incredible gentlemen. They take their time and make sure I've gotten what I want. If you can give me that too, then I'm happy to be there when you're getting a craving for something exotic.


I'm just a nerdy gal looking for local love. I sound nice, don't I? I'm enthusiastic and excitable, and always willing to try something new. I love meeting new guys and talking new topics, and would love to hear from you if you are close by. Give me a try! I'll do my best to impress! I am online a lot, so send me an instant message soon.

How Do I Find Local Women On This Free Local Adult Dating Site?

Lucky for you, Adult Hookups makes it a priority to connect local members and facilitating successful local hookups. On the full free local adult dating site you will be shown all local matches that are sexually compatible with you. Getting hooked up with them is simply a matter of choosing how you'd like to communicate (email messages, instant messages, video chat, and more) and going for it.

We also offer free local adult dating advice articles from adult dating experts that will help you maximize your local sex hookup successes. Check out our article on How To Find A Free Sex Hookup Near You. If you're new at adult dating, don't be afraid to get a thorough introduction to free local adult dating with our article, How To Use A Local Sex Finder Site.

All of these free local adult dating features are available to you on on the AdultHookups mobile adult dating app as well! We are one of the only free local adult dating sites to offer a full mobile site and mobile adult dating app. It is as simple as downloading our mobile adult dating app and signing in from your smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device. You can use the site as you normally would, but with the added benefit of being able to access the site and our features from wherever you are! While you're enjoying coffee at your local cafe, having a few beers at the dive bar down the street, grabbing some groceries for a quick meal later, or even while you're at your annual neighborhood BBQ. Heck, it even gives you an easy way to access AdultHookups from work if you are worried your boss might see if on your desktop computer. Literally anywhere can be the perfect place to plan a local hookup if you are connected to, the best free local adult dating site.

The biggest reason our mobile adult dating app is essential in finding free local adult dating hookups is because it can find you the closest and fastest hookups. Faster than any other free local adult dating site, and faster than any other hookup technique. Normally on Adult Hookups, you are shown the local members who are the most compatible with you sexually. And don't forget that you can still look at and connect with those matches on the mobile app at any time. But, one of the most useful and unique features of the AdultHookups mobile app is that using your GPS, it can show you all the online members closest to your location. So, no, they may not be the members that are your perfect match, but nothing can compare when it comes to fast free local adult dating. Simply check out who is nearby and shoot them a message. Everyone who is online on the app is also looking for a quick hookup, so it is super easy to arrange a quick meet and fuck. To help you even more, we have the perfect adult dating advice article about mobile adult dating, too!

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