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See What Our Members Have To Say
Chesapeake_Ripper 47, Chesapeake

Adult Hookups is 100% responsible for keeping my sex life alive. I'm a down to earth guy that enjoys good food, good television, and good women. I'm past the point of looking for a wife, but I'm also past the point of going out in the evening to meet women to have sex with. With AdultHookups there's no shame, no rejection, and no frustration! Everyone is there for the same reason.

Brilliant__Beauty 26, Albuquerque

Adult Hookups is truly the king of adult dating sites. I really was that girl who was on ten different sites at once, but in the end I got rid of everything and only kept the one that worked: Take my experience and don't waste your time on anything else. AdultHookups is the only adult dating site that I have ever been successful on. And I've been VERY successful.

GuyzNDollz 25, Indianapolis

People think that young adults like me aren't on adult dating sites, but that couldn't be further from the truth! It only takes a few seconds of being on the site to see that the members are completely diverse and attractive as hell! I've been able to meet and chat with all kind of guys from all over the world and have gotten together with a few from my area, all of which have been very nice and skilled to boot!

Hulkomania 20, Fort Knox

If you're not using AdultHookups, you are a fool, son! This is the easiest, best, most awesome way to find the ladies anywhere out there. Those other sites are jokes. Jokes, man. AdultHookups is where it's at. There's so many hotties on here. It's incredible. And they're all so horny! SO horny, man. Just come see for yourself!

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There. We said it. is the king of adult dating sites. But we're not just here to call ourselves the king of adult dating sites and not back up our claim. We have always strived to be the best of the best when it comes to adult dating sites, and time and time again we are given awards and accolades that prove that we have met our goal. Whether we're the top in member satisfaction, member success rate, or adult dating sites functionality, we always come out as the best of adult dating sites!

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One of the main reasons we can call ourselves the king of adult dating sites is because of our huge (and amazing) member base! Millions of people across the globe are members on Adult Hookups and they all give us rave reviews as an adult dating sites. Just check out some of the testimonials on this page! Each and every one is from a real, active member who wanted to express their satisfaction with us and their experience on what they are deeming the best of adult dating sites.

The king of adult dating sites wouldn't just have an ol' members, either. All our members are REAL and active on the site, not like some of those other adult dating sites with all their fake profiles, scammers, bots, and inactive members. Here at Adult Hookups, one of the ways we remain the top in adult dating sites is by being vigilant in deleting any fake profiles or scammers that try to get on our site as well as monitoring inactive members and implementing features and offers to keep the site fresh and inviting for all our members so that they never become inactive!

Our members are sexy, open-minded, and diverse. No matter who you are looking for you will find them here on AdultHookups. We have members in every city, all over the world. These adult dating sites members are every age, gender, body type, ethnicity, religion, height, weight, eye color, hair color, sexual orientation, relationship status - anything and everything you can think of! No matter who you're attracted to, you will find them on AdultHookups. There is someone for everyone here, and you are all here for the same reason.

More Than Meets The Eye When It Comes To Adult Dating Sites

A lot of adult dating sites are exactly like every other adult dating site - boring, uncreative, lame - and they are not the kind of place where members want to hang out and spend their time. This is the major problem with most adult dating sites. They can't keep their members involved and interested so therefore those members leave and try other adult dating sites, leaving them with a ton of inactive members. This means that when you join, it looks like the site has a lot of members, and technically they do, but none of those members ever use the site because they were not given a reason to stick around. So, you'll message a bunch of women who live near you and most you will never hear back from, simply because they have stopped checking these kinds of adult dating sites any more. So what good are adult dating sites like those? Local sex sites should be the easiest way to get laid. If you're on a local sex site and it isn't easy, you need to find a new site.

With, you have one of the only adult dating sites that is more than what it seems. When you are looking at our site before you sign up, all you see if a lot of information and testimonials. These member testimonials give some insight to claim of being the best in adult dating sites, but what you're not seeing is how much more we truly are. Our amazing, sexy members are just the tip of the iceberg. We strive to have the best features of any adult dating sites. We want the site to be fun, entertaining, and interactive. We worked hard to make Adult Hookups a place people wanted to be. And because we made a site that people always want to be on, it makes hookups a lot easier. When you message someone, chances are they are already online and you can arrange your hookup much quicker than on those other adult dating sites where people only check them maybe once a week or something like that. AdultHookups members LOVE our site and rave about all the things we have available for members to be a part of while they're waiting to arrange hookups.

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I like romantic movies, fancy dinners, long walks on the beach, and sex that lasts for hours. Just kidding. Well, about everything except the sex. That's what we're all here for, right? I'm not too picky, but I do need a guy who's willing to give me all the dirty talk I want. That's what I really, really love. Will you talk dirty to me?


Hey! I'm not completely sure what I'm looking for on here, but I'm willing to entertain suggestions if you think you have some good ones! I'm not very experienced: errrr, not experienced at all, I guess. But hey, I'm on here for a reason, right? Right. Maybe one of you nice fellows could show me a good time soon?


I don't bite, I promise. I'm just your average girl next door looking to be naughty with the neighbor. And what better way to discover who your horny neighbors are than by using Adult Hookups, am I right? Anyway, I don't like to go too far from home for sex, but I'm happy to accept visitors. Chat with me and we'll see if we click and what we can work out.


That's right. I'm a mother you'd like to f&*$. I'm not lying, am I? I'm a hot momma and I know it. But with two young ones running around it's hard to get out and get laid. If you'd be interested in meeting me for sex, no strings attached, send me a message and tell me all the ways you'll satisfy me. You might just end up in my bed.

The Features That Made Us The King Of Adult Dating Sites

AdultHookups has a large variety of features for our members to use. First of all, our communication features put all other adult dating site to shame. You can email members, send them instant messages (great, because our members are always online), or even have video chats! Communicate in the way that makes you comfortable. When you are at ease you will have a much better time arranging a hookup. So many adult dating sites fail to realize that people are different and like interacting in different ways. That's already why so many of us are online - because it's easier than interacting in person at a bar or a coffee shop or the grocery store. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. We also have webcam shows, for those members that are exhibitionists or voyeurs. If what gets you off is watching, or being watched, we have the feature to help you out. Enjoy a show. Talk to the performer. Many real life hookups have resulted from our webcam shows. Like being watched? Start your own show! We have lots of willing viewers.

Want to talk to a bigger crowd? Try out our chat rooms or message boards! We have sex chat rooms and discussion boards sorted by location, sexual topics, and regular topics! Talk to local women, discuss fantasies and fetishes, or just talk baseball, fishing, television, and books! Whatever floats your boat in that moment, we have people online discussing it. Check it out for yourself.

Interaction not your thing? Rather just wait until someone messages you? That works just fine! All our new members are shown on the front page, and new meat is always popular! You do not have to worry about a lack of interested members on AdultHookups like you do with some other adult dating sites. We also have the largest collection of erotic stories, erotic photos, and erotic videos. What a bonus! Signing up with Adult Hookups is like signing up for an adult dating site AND a porn site. You get both! No other adult dating sites offer THAT! Whether you want to check our great selection out separately, while arranging a hookup, or while waiting for someone to send you a message, it is the perfect way to spend some time when you are feeling a that urge down below.

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