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AdultHookups Members Speak!
GoodGuy_Jason 33, Battle Creek

I didn't want to join one of those lovely dovey dating sites, cause that's not what I'm about. I don't mind letting something become something else if I find the right girl, but I want my casual intentions to be known right off the bat. AdultHookups is absolutely the best site for that. I've been on some other adult dating sites, and they're just fakes and scams! This site has been perfect for me!

GSpotGinger 30, Houston

Adult Hookups has been amazing for someone with a busy lifestyle like me. I don't have time to go out and meet new guys, but that doesn't mean I want to have sex any less. Settling down just isn't an option for me right now, but I don't want to give up my sex life. Adult dating sites were definitely the way to go, and no other has been as good as AdultHookups.

HotBitch30 24, Wichita

Adult Hookups is the best site ever! I meet guys on here all the time and there's always tons of people joining so I have new members to talk to. I love being able to just sign on and find someone just like that. It's so easy and I don't even really have to put that much thought into it. Usually I'll have messages waiting and I can just respond to them!

Mike4590 28, Philadelphia

It's just easier to find sex online. I couldn't tell you why, but I don't pick up nearly as many chicks in person as I do online. Screw clubs and bars, is where it's at!! I get tons of girls on here and I'm always telling my boys to get on here with me so they can get as many girls in their beds as I have in mine.

Why IS AdultHookups The Best Adult Dating Site?

There are many reasons that AdultHookups has been credited as the best adult dating site. We are an adult dating site that has been around for a while and that had gained respect among adult dating site users. We are reliable, consistent, and actively work towards improving every day. But the bottom line is that we have hot women and high success rates - which means YOU get laid!

Many sites will claim to be the best adult dating site out there, but few can prove it like AdultHookups can! Is The Best Adult Dating Site Because We Have The Most Members

One of the most important things that makes the best adult dating site online is that we have REAL members. Many, in fact most, of the adult dating sites out there are filled with fake profiles trying to scam you. Sometimes, the site itself is using these profiles to lure you on to the site. Other times, people are setting up the fake profiles on otherwise good sites so that they can scam members from the inside., is vigilant in patrolling our site and eliminating fake profiles. This leads to an environment of members made up of real, active, enthusiastic members who are all looking for the same thing: free local sex.

We maintain a great ratio of women to men, meaning you will not need to compete against thousands of men like you do on some other adult dating sites. But AdultHookups isn't just an adult dating site, we're the best adult dating site. The women on Adult Hookups have proven time and time again that they are the hottest, horniest, most open-minded women online. Just look at our site testimonials and member profiles if you don't believe us!

One of the reasons AdultHookups has become the best adult dating site is because of our high success rate for real life hookups. On other sites you will spend countless hours messaging women who may or may not be interested in you, but with Adult Hookups you get a personalized list of member matches that show you which local members are the most sexually compatible. When you connect with each other, you both already know you will click. Who else would provide you with such a service but the best adult dating site ever,!

But don't think we'll take all the control! On the best adult dating site online, you're the boss! offers you these personalized matches to help you have the best local sex, but we have plenty of features for searching for and connecting with any member you'd like! Hookup fast, or spend time looking for a special someone - it's up to you!

AdultHookups Is The Best Adult Dating Site Because We Want You To Be Successful

One of the reasons our members have voted us the best adult dating site online is because of our commitment to finding each and every member exactly what they want. Want the fastest one night stand possible? We can help. Want to find a hookup while on vacation? You got it! Need help finding a casual fuck buddy? No problem! Something more? We can do that too! Whatever and whoever you're looking for, we have it on, the best adult dating site! Not only do we offer features and services to help with your success, but we also offer a wide selection of adult dating advice articles written by adult dating experts to help you navigate the world of adult dating. Find out more about sex chat rooms and how they can benefit your sex life, learn how to craft the perfect profile for attracting local ladies, or discover what is new in mobile adult dating. Try reading up on local sexting numbers, learn how to relieve stress with sex dating, or, and this is a very important one, make sure you know the difference between legitimate adult dating sites and fake adult dating sites! Is The Best Adult Dating Site Because We Have The Greatest Features

Another thing that makes the best adult dating site online is our abundance of features, tailored specifically to help you get laid in the way that works best for you. For starters, we would not be the best adult dating site online if we didn't have an updated, user friendly, easy to use site. Next, the basics: you can browse local members by distance, most popular, new members, and members that are online. You can also search the member database by any number of options: age, gender, height, weight, body type, marital status, eye color, hair color - anything you want! These, of course, are if you don't choose to connect with members from your personalized sexual compatibility member matches; chosen specifically for you by AdultHookups.

Once a member has caught your eye you can use one of our many methods of communication to start connecting! THAT'S something only the best adult dating sites has! Most adult dating sites just use email messages as their method of communication. On Adult Hookups you have email messaging, instant messaging, video chats, and a variety of "invites". Don't forget we also have sex chat rooms and sex discussion boards if you fancy a wider audience to chat with. We have hundreds of chat rooms and discussions boards about all kind of topics, sexy and not! It's a great way to find those who are interested in the same things as you and also as a way to find cyber sex partners.

If you just want to have fun on the site and save the hookups for later, we have covered that too! We have the largest collection of erotic stories, photos, and videos, and we also have a full roster of webcam girls who are always putting on sexy webcam shows.

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I've made it a personal mission of mine to perform fellatio at least once in every state across this great country. Don't just message me to ask why. I'll be happy to explain in person with those I meet up with. I travel a lot, so shoot me a message even if you're out of my area. You never know, I might be headed your way soon. Let's meet up.


I want a guy who can sweep me off my feet... and right into his bed! Ha ha ha! I guess I just want a guy who is fun and laid back and easy going who isn't looking for anything serious. Seems like I'm in the right place for that though, right? I can't wait to start meeting guys! Don't be afraid to chat with me if you're nearby!


I just get bored a lot and thought this would be a good way to pass the time. My friends are boring and are always busy with their boyfriends and shit (ew). I'm down for sex or whatever, but boyfriends are a no go for me. No thank you! If that sounds like the kind of thing you'd be into, let me know! I answer all my messages.


Think you got what is takes to keep up with me, Big Boy? I need someone with energy, stamina, and the determination to please me. I don't mind a guy that needs some coaxing or pointers, but I'm not going to walk you through any kind of sex session we might have. This ain't no regular dating site. You're on an adult dating site - learn what you're doing and then message me.

AdultHookups Is The Best Adult Dating Site Because You Can Take Us Anywhere

AdultHookups is one of the only adult dating sites to offer a full mobile site on our mobile dating app. You can access all the features of the site right from your smart phone! It's easy to use and is absolutely number one in finding the fastest local hookups! Using your GPS, we will show you which Adult Hookups members are near your location and allow you to message them right through the app. Having instant access to easy, fast hookups is another reason we are considered the best adult dating site. You can arrange a hookup from your local cafe, check to see if that sexy woman across the bar is hanging out online, or just see who's closest to your apartment! Is The Best Adult Dating Site Because We Care About You

At AdultHookups, our members are very important to us. You don't get to be the best adult dating site by not caring about your members! On top of ensuring you are set up for success, also offers a 24/7 customer service team (both online and over the phone) to help you with anything to do with the site. We also allow you to report and block members if they are harassing you or you suspect they are a scammer. This is a big part of what keeps AdultHookups populated with REAL, friendly, active, enthusiastic members.

AdultHookups is safe, secure, and discreet.

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