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If you are here reading these words right now, then you have already taken a step in the right direction when it comes to success and the world of Canada date spots. Going out on your own and exploring the hookup spots of your area can seem fun at the time, but believe us, it quickly becomes monotonous and will leave you bitter and jaded in no time if you do not stumble across the right places for you. With this guide, we hope to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the best date hookup spots in your city so that you can find successful hookups without all the hassle!

Dating in this country can be hard, but it can be even harder if you don't know where to find the best Canada date hookup spots. Let AdultHookups.com help! Below, you will find our extensive guide of Canada date hookup spots information, including a history of the Canadian dating scene, a hand-picked selection of the best date hookup spots Canada has to offer, a directory of our city-by-city guides to Canada date spots, and even additional resources that you can use to continue your research past our humble site.

Canada Date Hookup Spots: A History

When settlers first reached what would eventually become Canada, dating was not all that high on their list of priorities. There was much to do on this barren land before they could focus on getting married and starting families, you see! As time went on though, and as they began to accomplish more and worry less, dating became a more prominent part of a normal life and an actual "dating scene" started to emerge.


Being that Canada's early inhabitants consisted mostly of European settlers, the dating scene mimicked much of what existed across the Atlantic Ocean in places like the United Kingdom and France. That kind of dating, at its core, is still very much like the kind of dating we know today in North America: boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy courts girl, and if all goes well, boy marries girl. To accommodate this, Canada began to create an industry based on date hookup spots: pubs, taverns, inns, and the like. Of course, these types of businesses served as much more than just "date hookup spots", but they did (and still do!) play an important role in the meeting and courting stages of dating.

If Canada's first settlers had been from other areas of the world, the dating scene could have been much different! For example, in many cultures throughout the world, dating is more of a family affair. What we mean by this is that the decision to date does not just happen between one person and another person who may be potential partners; it happens between parents and families who make dating and marriage decisions on behalf of their children. The reasoning behind joining two families through the marriage of their children can range from cultural and social values to economic and class ties to promoting political stability. Not North America, though. Nope! A 2005 study even stated that Canada, the United States, and other westernized countries were unique in that they believed—for the majority—that "love is the reason for mating".

Where Canada and the rest of North America truly differ, however, is in the "hookup". Where traditional couples held off on having sex until marriage (or at least a great deal into their relationship), Americans and Canadians championed a new kind of sex: the hookup. Over time, the no-strings-attached encounters and the juggling of potential partners has become the norm for the majority of youth of this country. In fact, studies show that over 50% of unmarried couples have sex within the first month of dating while only a very small portion still wait until marriage. But where does one find these "hookups"? Well, that is where we find Canadian history particularly interesting...

The First Date Hookup Spots: Canada's Oldest Bars, Pubs, & Inns


The ten bars, pubs, and inns you will find listed below have all been in operation since before the 1900s! With that much time under their belts, you can only imagine how many hookups they have facilitated in their time. These, above all others, are the tried, tested, and true date hookup spots Canada can rely on.

The Split Crow (1749):

Originally standing at the crossroads of Salter Street and Walter Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this was the first bar in Canada (although it wasn't Canada until 1867). It was the first Canadian recipient of a liquor licence and was a regular date hookup spot for travelling sailors looking for a drink and some company. Regardless of its changes in both name and location over the years, The Split Crow has been a constant staple of Halifax since the mid-18th century. Today, The Split Crow is a casual tavern with live music every night of the week, making it a favorite of Canada date hookup spots in maritimes.

L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel (1769):

Built in 1688 in Montreal, Quebec, this building was originally North America's very first inn. In 1769, it officially made the transition into one of North America's first pubs. For some of the 19th century the pub was closed and used as a private residence, but it was opened again in 1914. Today, L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel is a high class bar and restaurant that stills hold a place as one of the great Canada date spots! They also frequently host wedding ceremonies and receptions, so if you play your cards right you could spend your first night together and your wedding night together at the same place!

The Olde Angel Inn (1789):

Located in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, The Olde Angel Inn has been in operation for over 220 years. It was built in 1789 as the Harmonious Coach House, but it burnt to the ground in a fire during the War of 1812. After three years it was rebuilt in the same spot, opening as the The Olde Angel Inn in 1815. Today, the inn operates as a hotel, a pub, and a venue for local events and entertainment. It's a great date hookup spot for grabbin' a pint, grabbin' a gal, and grabbin' a room when you need some more privacy.

Prince George Hotel (1809):

Over time, most of the story of this historic Kingston, Ontario landmark has gotten lost in the sands of time. What is known, however, is that for as long as this hotel has been standing, there has been a bar on site. Being that it is adjacent to a shipyard, the hotel and its bar have both been popular among local women and visiting sailors since its inception. Although it is no longer operating as a hotel today, it has upped its bar game with a grand total of three inside the building: Old Speckled Hen, Monte's, and Tir Nan Og. With such a variety of atmospheres all located in one building, it isn't hard to see why Prince George Hotel is such a popular date hookup spot for so many people. The stories about ghosts walking the hallways are a great help when you're trying to walk a girl home at the end of the night, too!

The Mansion House (1828):

Built in 1806 as a private home in St. Catharines, Ontario, no one is quite sure how or why it made its transition into a pub in the late 1820s. Today, it boasts a variety of cold drinks and hot eats, as well as weekends full of live music bookings. Whether you're looking for a quiet and casual atmosphere or a loud and lively vibe, there is no doubt once you step inside that The Mansion House is one of the most notable date hookup spots Canada has.

The Black Bull (1833):

Originally, The Black Bull was a humble wood structure serving simple pints to any locals that came by. In the late 1800s, brick walls and a mansard roof was added, making the humble structure more sound and ready to stand the rest of time. Today, The Black Bull is a dependable staple of the Queen West date hookup scene in Toronto, Ontario. It is most popular among those looking for after-work drinks or late-night eats and has a large sidewalk patio that remains continuously packed during the warm weather seasons.

The Wheat Sheaf Tavern (1849):

Located in Toronto, Ontario, this tavern is one of the only Canada date spots on our list that hasn't had a single name change in its existence! Although it started out its operations as a tavern and inn, today The Wheat Sheaf Tavern is nothing more than a simple British-style pub. Albeit, a simple pub with a central downtown location, a huge patio, and large televisions showing all the most popular local, national, and international sports games. A large draft selection and tasty appetizers make it a go-to date hookup spot for Toronto regulars today.

Château Lafayette (1849):

Lovingly known as The Laff, this Ottawa, Ontario date hookup spot is older than the city itself! At some point in its past, Château Lafayette was a full-blown brothel, so its no surprise that it has remained one of the most popular Canada date hookup spots. Today, Château Lafayette hosts a variety of live music and open mic nights, which pave the way for heavy drinking and date hookup shenanigans. The beautiful neon sign attached to its front is also the oldest neon sign in all of Ottawa!

The Royal Tavern (1851):

If you are a Canadian History buff, this might be of interest to you: The Royal Tavern in Kingston, Ontario was one of the favorite Canada date hookup spots of John A. MacDonald, the first Prime Minister. Fun Fact: his drink of choice—a glass of whisky—only cost five cents at the time! Today, this tavern is host to tasty pub food, live music, and a slightly older group of regulars. It is definitely one of the most political Canada date hookup spots out there!

Six Mile Pub (1856):

Located in the provincial capital of Victoria, Six Mile Pub is the oldest date hookup spot in British Columbia. In the late 1800s, it was frequented by British soldiers who were stationed at the nearby naval base in Esquimalt. Today, the pub is popular for its creekside patio, large private rooms, unique stained glass windows, and—of course—its better-than-the-average pub fare, which includes entrees made with locally sourced ingredients and British Columbian microbrews. Although it might not be the best place to meet dates, it is definitely a great spot to bring dates!

Canada Date Spots: The Best Of The Best

Below, you will find our selections for the most popular, notable, and unique Canada date hookup spots from all over this amazing country! If you would like to find date hookup spots Canada cities have individually, feel free to skip ahead to our next section—From Coast To Coast: Your Guide To Canada Date Hookup Spots—and check out our series of articles each dedicated entirely to a major Canadian city.

Downtown Hotel Bar - Dawson City, Yukon

If you happen to live nearby in the great white north of the Yukon territory, a visit to this Dawson City date hookup spot is sure to leave you with an experience you will never forget! The Downtown Hotel Bar is famous for exactly one thing: The Sourtoe Cocktail. What is that, you might ask? Well, it is a cocktail with a severed human toe. Yes, a REAL severed toe from a REAL human being. It is mummified and preserved in a jar of salt, but we do not know if that makes it any better! Since adding the drink to their menu over 30 years ago, they have had more than 600,000 people join what they call the "Sourtoe Cocktail Club". As they put it, "You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips must touch the toe!" Just try not to swallow it, or you will have to pay this fine Canada date hookup spots a fine of $2,500!

Oasis Aqualounge - Toronto, Ontario

Oasis Aqualounge may have two fully-stocked bars, but it is far from your average Canada date spots bars! Here, you will find a fully renovated four floor mansion, complete with hot tub, sauna, outdoor heated pool, private courtyard, along with playrooms and dungeons. Wait, what? Oh, did we forget to mention that Oasis is a sex club? That's right! This water-themed sex club is open to solo men, solo women, established couples, and couples on dates. So, whether you are looking to find new hookup partners or you are looking for a sexy, unique place to suggest for a potential date night, this is definitely one of the Canada date hookup spots you will want to check out.

Northstar - Montreal, Quebec

Do you like drinking? Do you like pinball? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, you will probably love our next Canada date hookup spots selection. With pinball machines ranging from the 1950s to the 1980s and a menu sorted into "Cheap Shit" and "Expensive Shit", Northstar is one of the most simple and accessible of all the Canada date spots we have in our guide. Visiting this bar is a great way to meet new people who are easy-going, laid-back, and lots of fun!

From Coast To Coast: Your Guide To Canada Date Hookup Spots

From Vancouver to Halifax, AdultHookups.com has got you covered when it comes to Canada date hookup spots. You may think you have seen a lot of what Canada has to offer here on this page, but we promise you there is still so much more to see! Below, you will be able to get a taste of what each of our Canada date spots pages has to offer, along with links that will take you directly to those pages, should you choose to explore them further. Check it out...

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Looking For Even More Canada Date Hookup Spots?

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The Best Canada Date Hookup Spots

Dating in this country can be hard, but it can be even harder if you don't know where to find the best Canada date hookup spots. Let AdultHookups.com help!

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