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The UK is full of amazing locations and places to visit, but there are so many to choose from! Every place offers something different, and you want to go there depending on your needs. We're focusing on making sure you know all of the top UK date spots across the country, so that you can prepare yourself the best possible date to get a hookup. We not only tell you where you need to go, but we give you a little bit of a history lesson on how you got here - we tell you all about how dating started, and where it came from before now. It might surprise you! Dating is much older than we like to think, and it wasn't always as casual or confusing as it is now. If you want to know not only the best places to take a date, but also where you can go to find yourself a hookup, you're in the right place.

Date Hookup History In The UK

The history of date hookup culture is something that you probably think you're aware of, but in reality, you likely no very little of the details. And that's okay! We're going to fill you on where dating and hookup culture came from, and how it evolved from an innocent endeavour called courtships. According to author Moira Weigel, the term "dating" can be traced back to an 1896 article in a newspaper where a man mentioned the phrase "fillin' all my dates," meaning literal dates on a calendar, in reference to his girlfriend wanting to spend time with him. From here, the transition from formal courtships to dating began, and much of society didn't know how to handle it.


Did you know that in the 1900s, there was actually a chance that you could be arrested for dating? It's true! The idea of a man and a women out together in public, with a man buying her drinks and food, was something that police and formal members of society weren't used to, so they weren't really sure how to approach it. Was it a situation similar to prostitution? Was it close to a courtship as they knew it? Because it was traditionally seen that women who had bought things for them by men (even food and drink), were seen as unsavoury, because this was something that could be considered a form of prostitution at the time, there was a very real risk of being arrested for it if you were approached by a policeman on your night out. Thankfully, it didn't take long for society to come around and realize that this was far from a similar situation, and was merely a scenario of two people getting better acquainted. Could you imagine being arrested on a date, just because you were on a date? Thank goodness for changing times!

Sex wasn't as taboo around this time as you'd think either. If a couple was courting, then they were allowed to be intimate, because it was understood that they were with their future husband or wife, so there was no wrongdoing. This wasn't the same as meeting someone random and having sex with them wherever, this was a man and a women who were going to be married doing what comes naturally to people, and it wasn't until the early 1900s that it became frowned upon for any sex whatsoever before legal marriage. Of course, that stance didn't last long outside of the Catholic church.

Oddly enough, being able to consort in public allowed new couples to have more privacy than they would have if they had to continue with traditional courtship dates. Courting couples normally had to hang out at the house, where there were always people home and listening in on what you were doing, but when out in public, there were no prying eyes or eavesdropping - at least, not in the same sense. It's like now, when you live with your parents and are dating someone new. You want to get out of the house so that they can't spy on you two, and you know that when you're out and about, no one is paying you any mind. It helped immensely that during this time (the 1920s and 30s) the theatre, dining out, and moving pictures - what we know today as "entertainment culture" - was becoming extremely popular, so couples had fun things to do when they went out together.

From there, dating culture exploded into what we currently recognize as dating and hooking up, and surprisingly enough, it wasn't just the free love era of the 1960s that allowed for it. Sure, it helped loosen the views of some staunch members of society, but overall, people were dating and hooking up long before this time. Formal courtships of history and modern dating essentially melded together to make what we now call "dating" or hooking up.

Noteworthy UK Date Hookup Spots


All across the country, there are a ton of hidden gem UK date spots that you might know about! You may know about the place itself, but not that it works as a great spot to meet, or bring, a date or hookup that you want to impress and get into bed. We list 10 of the most noteworthy date and hookup places that you have to check out, wherever you are in the UK.

La Mimosa - Cambridge

La Mimosa on Thompsons Lane is a classy yet affordable place to take your date. This gorgeous riverside restaurant serves classic Italian fare, so you get top notch food with a fantastic view of the river. It's not a black-tie or cocktail dress fancy kind of place, but you don't want to show up wearing ratty jeans and sneakers - especially if you're trying to impress a date! It's one of the ideal UK date spots, because you can go at pretty much any time of day and have a light bite or a filling meal, and drinks! It's a small, family-owned place, so if you're really looking for a unique place to bring someone in Cambridge, this is it. There are different daily specials all the time, so you'll have something new to try every time you visit! This isn't somewhere you'd go to meet a hookup though, it's better suited for a pre-arranged date spot than somewhere to mix and mingle.

Fairyhill - Swansea

This is where you go when you seriously trying to impress someone, and aren't afraid to shell out the big bucks to do it. The location alone is worth the money, but you get a fantastic dining experience along with it. This is one date hookup spot where you can make an entire night or weekend out of it - it's also a hotel! It's a popular location for weddings and black tie events, but that's not all it's good for. It's a fantastic, and picturesque location to really make her knees weak - throw in some of the highest quality food you can get, and she's yours! There's an amazing outdoor patio, and the entire place itself looks like a old fashioned castle. You can make a true fairytale weekend at the Fairyhill with your date. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for here, and it's not going to be a cheap, so only choose this place if you're really looking for a killer date experience.

Punting On The River - Oxford

Magdalen Bridge Boathouse on High Street is usually filled with lineups of tourists waiting to punt, but this is a place that also qualifies as one of the best UK date spots in the Oxford area. The line moves fast, but even still, it's a great excuse to chat and get better acquainted before you get on the boat. Punting is not an easy thing to do, but it's fun as hell trying, so you and your date will have a great time trying to navigate the boat on the river and get back to the boathouse. If you aren't familiar with punting, it's essentially a long, canoe-style boat that one person pushes along the river using a long stick. You need to push off from the bottom of the river, and that is not as easy as it sounds! However, it's a super fun way to be silly together and have a good time while enjoying beautiful scenery.

The Book Club - Shoreditch, London

Don't let the name fool you: The Book Club at 100-106 Leonard Street isn't really a book club, it's a killer hangout that's open late into the night! There's a ton of stuff to do here too, which earns it a top ranking on the list of best UK date spots. They've got ping pong tables, all kinds of workshops, live music, and even poetry! This is somewhere that you can go with a date, and feel comfortable while you have fun getting to know each other. The vibe is little bit different during the day then if you were to go at night, which is to be expected, but it's not less lively just because the sun's out! There's also some great bar food to munch on while you play games and enjoy some creative drinks. Check out their site to see what's going on before you plan your date, to see if this is the place you want to go.

Kabinett Wine Bar - Liverpool

5 Myrtle Street is home to one of the hottest UK date spots in Liverpool. It has a very old-school, almost speakeasy feel to it - luxurious dark leather sofas adorn the place, with seating situated all throughout the room. As you'd expect, they have an extensive wine list, so you can spend the entire night with your date sampling different kinds of vino. They're open 4pm until midnight throughout the week and weekend, so it makes for the perfect place to arrive early, and spend the whole time drinking and enjoying your date. If you want to, you can take a stroll through town after you have drinks, but it's a great place to start or end a night out. This place has very high ratings so get here early or call ahead before showing up with a date!

Lido - Bristol

Lido at Oakfield Place is what luxurious dates are made of! This place is perfect for both taking a date to, or going single and meeting a new date hookup. Either way, you're in for a deluxe kind of night! For starters, the restaurant is pool-side, with a large window overlooking that and the Victorian-style building itself. Lido is a restaurant and spa, so if you want to use the pool, you'll have to become a member. Still, there's no reason you can't take advantage of the killer food and drinks they offer in their swanky dining room. You have several date options here: you can book a spa day together, relaxing and getting pampered, and then you can continue into dinner and drinks by the pool. Or you could dine at the restaurant, enjoy some great food, and forego the spa experience. Whatever route you decide to go, you're guaranteed to enjoy yourselves.

Go Ape Whinlatter - Keswick, Lake District

If you're in the Lake District, your options for awesome date and hookup spots are endless. There are endless landscapes at your disposal - you can walk, hike, picnic, whatever you want to do! The village area is full of bars and restaurants to pop into as you go, but if you and your date are the more adventurous types, then you can't miss out on the Go Ape experience. This date hookup is not for the faint of heart, because you'll be high up with the tree tops! You get to check out the canopy forest by basically Tarzaning your way through on a rope. There's an entire treetop rope course to follow, so if you're looking to get your date's adrenaline pumping, consider taking them somewhere like this! The area also offers Via Ferrata climbing, but that's for people who really have no issue with heights whatsoever.

SoHo Pizzeria & Cocktail Bar - Glasgow, Scotland

In the Glasgow city centre, 84 Miller St, to be exact, is where you'll find one of the best, chillest UK date hookup spots. This is an authentic pizzeria that serves rustic-style thin crust pizzas, amazing cocktails, and provides the perfect environment for a date or hookup. It's got a similar vibe to a college hangout, but with higher quality products that you would get from somewhere like that. There's a large list of freshly mixed cocktails to choose from, and a range of handmade pizza options as well. They're open until 11 every night, so this could be the first or last stop of your night, depending on your evening plans, but you want to make sure to include a stop at this place if you're on a date and looking to score!

The Olive Grove - Canterbury, Kent

At 12 Best Lane, you'll find one of the best Italian/Lebanese restaurants in Canterbury, and it also happens to be one of the top US date hookup spots as well. The decor is beautiful and exotic, focusing on a very Moroccan feel. There are views to the outside courtyards from the windows, and all of the dishes are freshly, and authentically made. The pricing is reasonable, so you can definitely afford to bring a date here and spend the evening eating some classic Arabic and Italian cuisines. They serve a variety of wines and cocktails to accompany your meal; the service is very highly rated here so you're guaranteed an enjoyable time, even your date doesn't go how you'd hoped. If you bring her here, though, the odds of that happening are slim.

Club Bijou - Manchester

This 1-7 Chapel Street club is definitely a spot to meet a new date hookup. It's one of the most popular nightclubs in Manchester, offering way more than just a sprawling dance floor and large bar. They've also got a champagne bar and cigar terrace, so it's a taste of upper class while you get your party on. This club is extremely busy, so you're almost guaranteed to find a hookup here, especially if you go during the weekend. You can book a booth for you and your friends, and even schedule a chauffeur service! If you want to impress a special lady, this might be the way to do it! Roll up to the club with your chauffeur, set up shop in your booth with champagne and bottles, and watch the ladies flock to you!

Top UK Date Spots In Each Major City


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