The Best US Date Hookup Spots


The country is rife with US date spots, but it would be impossible to find them all without some help - which is where we come in! We want to make it easier for you to not only hook up, but to know exactly where you should take your date if you want to impress her into your bed. We give you all the details on where hookup culture came from, where to go in a bunch of different cities, and when to go to get the best odds of hooking up. Find out where you'll spend a good amount of money to hang out, and where you go take a date on a budget - we've got it all covered! Mystery in dating is great, but you don't want to be unprepared when you're trying to give a lady a great night. Know what you're in for by reading our guide to the top US date spots.

A Look Back At Date Hookup History In The US

Ah, dating. It's awkward, it's uncomfortable, but it's something that all of us do because we have to! Dating is how we meet new people and potential partners, so it's a necessary evil in society, but do you know how it really started? Dating is very much a modern concept from the 20th century, and hookup culture is even more recent than that! The concept of meeting people for a date hookup was unheard of until at least the 1960s, when society let go of some of the staunch views on relationships between two people. Still, though, there's a lot more to know about the history of dating and hookup culture than you might think!


It all really started way back when, we're talking 1800's, if not earlier, when the men of the household reigned supreme. Gentlemen callers would request the company of the man's daughter, and from there they would form a courtship - which was essentially an agreement for marriage, without the down-on-one-knee proposals of now. It was understood that when a woman agreed to court a man, she was officially off-limits, and no other man could make a move on her. She was spoken-for at this point, and everyone know that she was technically betrothed to the man with whom she was in a courtship.

This doesn't happen nowadays, at least no in the mainstream sense. What we recognize as dating and hookups now can be attributed to the changing times of the early century, namely, the 1920s and 30s, and for very good reasons! This is when "the talkies" were invented, and going out for a fun evening became commonplace. Entertainment culture wasn't something that really existed prior to these decades; instead, typical US date spots consisted almost entirely of the woman's family home, or the great outdoors - and NEVER after dark. Once the sun started to set, if they weren't having dinner, then it was time to say goodbye. It was very unbecoming and reflected badly on the woman (and, in turn, her family) to be seen in the company of a man that wasn't her brother or father after nightfall.

With the advent of moving pictures and evening entertainment culture, US date spots became a very prominent thing. Men suddenly needed to have a plan for the evening when they took a woman out, which wasn't something that they needed to worry about in the earlier days of dating. Women were becoming more independent from the patriarchal household, and were now making their own decisions about who they associated with, and what they did with their time. Because of this, there were often many men vying for the attention of attractive and desirable ladies, so they needed to impress if they wanted to get a date.

Enter: the 1960s. Massive change is taking place throughout society worldwide; women are becoming fully independent, African-American men and women are fighting for equality, and on a much lesser scale, free thoughts and casual sex became the norm. Taking drugs and hooking up with whoever, wherever started becoming extremely popular, and so meeting a date hookup or two on any given night was almost expected. As time went on, though, the more traditional form of dating started getting popular, so the two cultures of sex and relationships merged to eventually become what we do today.

There's a whole scale of dating possibilities, not just in people, but scenarios as well. You could date someone long-term, short-term, have a one night stand, hook up casually from time to time, be friends with benefits - the list goes on! This is why it's key to have a good idea of where the best date hookup spots are in your area. You need to know where to take a date that you have, and where your odds of meeting someone new for a potential hookup are best. Find out all you need to know about the top US date spots right here!

US Date Spots That You Have To See


Whether you're travelling the country, or you're a local to the area, chances are pretty good that you aren't aware of some of the best US date hookup spots. Don't worry - we've got you covered! We've got all the info on the best places to go with your date, and where to be if you want to meet a hookup.

Stumptown Coffee - New York City, NY

Stumptown is a great date hookup spot if you're meeting up casually during the day. They offer public coffee tastings in the morning, but get there early because it's a popular activity! They're open until 10pm, so you can meet up with a date at any time if you just want some awesome coffee and pastries while you chat. Hit up their Greenwich Village location at 30 W 8th Street for the best atmosphere and full range of coffee options. It has a very old-school kind of feel, which makes for great conversation if you're struggling. If you're not a fan of coffee, you can still enjoy hanging out here - they've got a range of tea and sandwich options to choose from as well! It's a great, inexpensive place to meet up with someone new to gauge chemistry, or just spend a casual afternoon trying to meet a new hookup.

Frames NYC - New York City, NY

Frames NYC is a multi-purpose hangout and date hookup spot, where there's literally something for everyone to enjoy. Located at 550 9th Ave., this date spot has a ton of activities to choose from: a 28 lane bowling alley, dance club, pool tables, and so much more! This is one of the best US date spots in the state of New York. The sheer range of options that you have to do while you're getting to know your date, and the massive odds of meeting someone new if that's what you're looking for, make this the go-to spot for anyone who's single. There are food options as well, so you can spend an entire night at this one place! Come for some food and drinks, and if things are going well, continue on into some fun game while you put the moves on your date! The pricing is very affordable, so you won't break the bank taking a date here.

Mister A's - San Diego, CA

If you want to impress a potential date hookup, then take to Mister A's at 2550 Fifth Avenue. This is an upscale and very classy place, so expect to shell out some dough for a killer meal. They have a seasonal tasting menu, or a full service gourmet menu of delectable find foods. There is, of course, an extensive wine list, but this isn't even the best part about this place. The biggest attraction to this French-style restaurant are the gorgeous views of the bay and city. The entire restaurant is on an upper floor of the building, so you get fantastic skyline views while you dine. It goes without saying that this is an extremely popular date spot, so make sure you book a reservation before you show up with a date you're trying to impress.

Blue Plate, San Francisco, CA

The Blue Plate, located at 3218 Mission St., is the highest rated US date spot in San Francisco. If you're in the area and need somewhere to take a hookup or a date, this is where to go. Their outdoor garden patio seating is reason enough alone to visit this restaurant, but they also offer a ton of great dishes and drink to make your experience that much better. Their menu is mainly American comfort food, but with unique and innovative twists! They have a small plate menu option, so if you and your hookup are making this one stop on your list of things to do that night, you can have some nibbles with your drinks to keep you going. Prices are pretty fair here for what you're getting, and you really can't beat that garden patio! Bonus to this place - the majority of menu options are locally-sourced and organic!

Departure - Portland, OR

525 SW Morrison Street is home Portland's most popular Asian fusion restaurant - Departure. It's an upper floor restaurant with a modern, open space concept, and great views of the city. This is one of the absolute best US date spots if you're hoping to go out with friends and meet a new hookup, because they have a ton of tables with family-style seating. You can, of course, dine privately, but you definitely have the option if you want to mingle with fellow diners. Their cocktail list offers a ton of international drinks, and the food is awesome. They offer creative twists on some classic Asian dishes that are more than worth the money. Speaking of which, this is an upscale eatery, but their menu is surprisingly affordable. It won't cost you a ton to take a date here, but it's also not the cheapest option for places to go in Portland.

Venetian Canal - Las Vegas, NV

Yes, we're suggesting that you bring your hookup or date to the shopping centre at 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd, Suite 2600, but hear us out! Sure, it's a tourist destination among a bevy of other tourist destinations, but you know what else it is? A place that offers romantic as hell gondola rides in the US of A. The canal ride itself is where we suggest going, because it really does provide some nice scenery and an intimate space to get to know each other a little better - and it doesn't hurt that you're cozied up together in a narrow boat! You can make this one stop on your way to or from dinner, but it's the perfect excuse to get up close and personal with the person you want to hook up with. Keep in mind that this is a tourist area, so prices for the ride aren't what you would typically call "reasonable", but it's a hell of an experience, and you're almost guaranteed to get some action from your date.

La Cocina Restaurant and Cantina - Tucson, AZ

201 N Court Avenue in Tucson is home to a restaurant hangout with a killer atmosphere and live shows. They have an indoor/outdoor patio, and a menu serving all kinds of international dishes. You can enjoy live music most nights of the week, and one of the best things about this place - and one that puts in on the list of the top US date hookup spots - is that they offer late-night happy hour! It's fairly priced and worth every penny, which is another perk of bringing a date here. The vibe is super lively and upbeat; it's almost impossible not to have a good time when you're here. The decor and setup will make you feel like you're on vacation south of the border, and there ain't nothin' wrong with that!

Loflin Yard - Memphis, TN

This beer garden 7 W Carolina Ave. is somewhere you want to go if you're looking for a hookup. You can bring a date here, but it's the vibe is buzzing with young people looking to party. They have an amazing outdoor patio space, where you can eat, drink, and play a ton of different games! Did we mention that they have games? What more could you really want in a date hookup spot? The menu is surprisingly upscale for such a chill place, but it's delicious and varied, so give it a go! They're open late into the night, even on week days, which makes it even better for meeting hookups whenever you feel the need. There are live music shows here on weekends too, and the super affordable pricing makes this the perfect place to meet new people.

Holland House Bar & Refuge - Nashville, TN

Holland House Bar & Refuge, 935 W Eastland Ave., is a classic speakeasy-style bistro with classic American food and a whole lotta drink options! It's hard not to feel like you're in the Godfather when you're hanging out on the plush, regal sofas in this lounge. It's a very chill place to come with a date, and it's pricing is very reasonable. The mixologists at this bar create all kinds of modern and classic cocktails, so you can spend the entire night here sampling all kinds of concoctions! It's a cozy place, so try and call ahead to see if there's space before you get there with your date and find out that it's packed. This place has very high rated and great reviews, so don't be surprised to see that it's busy! Just enjoy to vibe and find yourself a date hookup to take home.

Pearl Brewery - San Antonio, TX

303 Pearl Pkwy #300 isn't much to look at from the outside, but it's what's inside that counts! This brewery in San Antonio recently expanded to be an entire shopping complex, so you could come here for an entire day, and finish it off with some pints. This US date spot works as a place to bring a date, or somewhere to go to meet a new hookup, so the options are endless. It's affordable, and there are a huge range of beers and drinks to try. It's the perfect place to just hang out and try a few new things, or wander the farmer's market that's in the same complex. It's family-friendly as well, so keep that in mind when you're planning your night - if you want a romantic, kid-free setting, maybe head somewhere else after you have a few beers here.

Date Hookup Spots In Major US Cities

Atlanta, GA

"Atlanta's nightlife scene has always been about the music. The 1990s was when it really hit its stride especially with the fresh, emerging hip hop talent that was coming out of the city and making national waves. The neighborhood to be for date hookups was Buckhead and that's still true..." Read more

Austin, TX

"Today, Austin's nightlife scene is bigger than just live music venues and if you're looking for great Austin date spots Sixth Street is the place to find them. Sixth Street is a good mix of sports bars, cocktail lounges, and trendy nightclubs, depending on which direction you go. For the..." Read more

Boston, MA

"Boston is a little bit different from other cities, in so far as you can go out pretty much any night of the week and hit a hookup spot that will get you to where you need to be, if you catch our drift. Try a mid week cocktail bar..." Read more

Chicago, IL

"Patios to chill out on between songs, karaoke showdowns to prove your vocal cords, live music and leather clubs, multilevel dance floors and 30 foot bars, Chicago has the kind of hookup spot scene that most other cities can only dream of. With a bustling LGBT crowd and a straight..." Read more

Cleveland, OH

"Like most cities, Cleveland's nightlife started in its downtown district. That's where taverns, restaurants, and saloons served as the social hub for the city's people. As the years went by, the downtown area went through a series of ups and downs before hitting its stride with the beginning of the..." Read more

Columbus, OH

"But what you might not know is that Columbus is one of the hookup capitals of the nation, with hundreds of bars and clubs available for singles to meet up and make a quick connection over a few drinks, snacks, and some dancing or bar games. We have done the..." Read more

Dallas, TX

"In the 1980s and 1990s, Dallas's nightlife scene started booming and downtown became a go-to spot for jazz fans, live music concerts, and young people looking for a boozy and fun night out especially in the Deep Ellum neighborhood. But the 2000s saw a decline in the nightlife with the..." Read more

Houston, TX

"For the entertainment scene, you'll want to check out the areas surrounding the downtown core like Midtown which is the favorite spot for the younger crowds and has tons of clubs and bars within walking distance. If you decide to check out some of Houston's sophisticated cocktail lounges and bars,..." Read more

Las Vegas, NV

"Las Vegas really started to hit its stride in the 1930s and 1940s with the construction of massive hotels and casinos and it became a favorite destination. But later years saw a decline in until the 1995s when Fremont Street, one of the other nightlife streets, and the Strip were..." Read more

Los Angeles, CA

"One of the most important cities in the US, both economically and culturally, LA is a real melting pot of cultures, generations, and sexual orientations. Whatever you want in terms of a hookup, you can find it in wild Los Angeles. The climate is hot here and the people are..." Read more

Minneapolis, MN

"Bars with outdoor patios, heated for your pleasure, and clubs that offer food as well as great deals on drinks, packed dance floors and old school taverns that date back to the dawn of dating itself, you will find something for YOU in our list of Minneapolis hookup spots that..." Read more

New York City, NY

"From gay clubs that serve great food all to the tune of some of NYC's best DJs, to western themed spots that specialize in dancing bar staff, from bars that serve grilled kangaroo, to bars that are tended only by fire breathing women, you will find some truly amazing NYC..." Read more

Oakland, CA

"As in most places, the weekend is a busy time for the nightlife scene. Friday and Saturday are the prime nights to go out and check out Oakland's bars and clubs but they're going to be very busy especially after 10 pm so if you want a chance to mingle,..." Read more

Pittsburgh, PA

"Pittsburgh is a GREAT CITY for both straight and gay hookups, which explains why it was actually pretty easy to compile this guide to the hottest Pittsburgh hookup bars! That said, these bars, clubs and other night spots are the absolute cream of the crop, with some lesser known hookup..." Read more

Seattle, WA

"It's also got a pretty good selection of nightclubs but Seattle's dive bars are its successes. These bars are dark, dingy, and play some of the best live music like alternative country, indie rock, honky tonk, punk, and even some local acts that aren't always the best but always entertaining." Read more

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