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Our Members Speak!
Weary_Travels 28, Sacramento

My work brings me all over the world, and I'm always looking to meet new foreign ladies. With Adult Hookups I can just turn on the app and let it do it's magic to find other members near me. Since they have so many members all over the World, I've never run into a problem of not having someone to hook up with. It's great being able to easily find sex wherever I am.

SrslyBored 24, Chicago

Sometimes the guys at the bar are just: blah. You know? I mean, I love getting dressed up and going out with my ladies, but sometimes the end of the night is creeping up and I have no potential candidates to take me home! That's when I bust out the AdultHookup app and see what members are close to where I am and want to hookup NOW. It's the best!

JaneDoeTheLocalHoe 28, Lincoln

Adult Hookups is super handy for when you're out and about and the mood strikes. I could be anywhere - the grocery store, the mall, out for dinner - and suddenly.. BAM. I'm horny. AdultHookups comes to the rescue then with the local sex finder on their app. Once I decide on a member near me, I send a message, and it usually doesn't take much more than that!

Donald3455 26, Fargo

I like to go on these little roadtrips with my buddies. We'll go camping, maybe hit a little highway motel, whatever. But we realized how much more fun those trips would be if there were women involved. Not girlfriend to be with us the whole time, and not hookers that cost a bunch of money. Just some ladies to spend a few sexy hours with. AdultHookups delivers!

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AdultHookups.com is one of the only adult dating sites that offers a full mobile site and a complete mobile adult dating app. Using your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or other mobile device, you can access all the features of AdultHookups.com with our mobile adult dating app from where ever you are! All you have to do is open your internet browser, go to AdultHookups.com, and sign in! Once you're online, Adult Hookups will use your device's GPS coordinates to find online members that are the closest to your location. The mobile adult dating app will show you everyone that is within the distance you specify. You can check out their profiles, photos, and videos first, or you can just go ahead and start connecting. AdultHookups' mobile adult dating app features all the same communication features as the full site: email, instant messaging, video chat - and you can use any of these you'd like to start your potential hookup. Instant messaging is probably your best bet, but sometimes a a video chat can be a bold and inviting move! Try it now!

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Let's face it, we use our smart phones for almost everything. But with AdultHookups' mobile adult dating app, you are offered much more than a fast way to find close hookups - you can sign in at any time and use it like the regular site! Simply opt out of the GPS sex finder and continue on with whatever you'd like to do. Want to browse or search members? Go ahead! Want to check out a chat room? Why not! Add to a discussion board, check out our collection of naughty videos, or just plan future hookups with other members on the Adult Hookups' mobile adult dating site. We've customized out mobile adult dating to suit YOU!

This mobile adult dating site experience is virtually exclusive to AdultHookups.com and we take great pride in being able to offer you the fastest access to hookups with the highest level of convenience. Many adult dating sites do not offer mobile adult dating at all, and the ones that do do not offer all the features of their main site, just an additional app. AdultHookups' mobile adult dating app is available for Apple, Android, and BlackBerry devices. The full mobile adult dating site is available on any device.

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Are you out on the town right now? Close to me? Shoot me a message then, dude! I'm all about seizing the day and taking advantage of opportunities and all that shit so chances are I'll give you a shot if you chat me up. I'm usually just out with my girls doing something dumb that I can ditch, so let's see what we can do, eh?


I'm not much for planning ahead and scheduling things, so I mostly just use AdultHookups on my phone. It's much easier for me to find hookups while I'm out, especially if I've spent the night out drinking. I just want a good lay and a bed to pass out in as close as possible! Hit me up if you're a local dude!


I'm a HUGE music fan. Mostly country, but a little bit of everything. And I LOVE to go to concerts and shows. There's just something about music that gets me really turned on and I often find myself on here frantically after the band has left the stage, seeing what other AdultHookups members are around. So make sure you're online the next time you leave a concert!


I do search on Adult Hookups quite a bit for sex, but sometimes instead of search for someone in particular I'll just look at the members who are closest to me. It works really well for fast hookups. I highly recommend checking out that feature, anyway. At the very least you get to see who else in your neighborhood is as much into sex as you are!

The Most Convenient Way To Hookup: Mobile Adult Dating On AdultHookups

You might think that it doesn't get any more convenient than AdultHookups.com, but have you tried AdultHookups' mobile adult dating app yet? It's true that finding local sex AdultHookups is convenient and easy, our mobile adult dating site offers a whole new level of convenience, not the mention the fastest hookups anywhere! Our full site offers fast local hookups to begin with, but imagine getting hooked up almost instantaneously! That's what we offer with our mobile adult dating offers - the convenience of hooking up fast, no matter where in the world you are at any given moment. As long as you have our mobile adult dating app installed or you can sign into our full mobile site then you can get almost immediate hook ups! It's as simple as signing up and allowing your device's GPS to let us know where you are located. The mobile adult dating app will show you which other online Adult Hookups members are nearby (you can set the maximum distance right inside the app) and then you can pick and choose! Check out profile, look at explicit photos and videos, and send a message. Let them know you're close by and interested in in some down and dirty adult fun! Mobile adult dating is the fastest way to get hooked up with a local hottie close by - there's no faster way! When you use mobile adult dating to get hooked up quickly.

Try it out tonight and see how much more convenient adult dating can be when you use AdultHookups' mobile adult dating. There's a reason AdultHookups continuously receives accolades and awards. Our members rank us higher than any other mobile adult dating app. You'll swear by it once you try it.

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