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1. Create A Profile

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See Who's On This Free Sex Site

See Who's On This Free Sex Site
Carrie_in_bed 29, New York

I model nude for a living. Well, mostly nude modelling. I love it. It's good money and it's a lot of fun, and makes me feel beautiful. A lot of my relationships have ended because of it though. Some guys get really insecure about me being naked with male photographers all day. So I'm on Adult Hookups to meet more secure guys for just casual fun. If something more happens, I'm game if you are cool with me.

Joeyjustsex 23, New York

For me, it just makes sense to do online dating. I tried the other mainstream dating sites and wasn't impressed. It was boring, and you had to answer too many questions just to use the sites. Not to mention all the girls just wanted to get married. Then I tried Adult Hookups and realized this is exactly what I was looking for! Sexy features, easy design, sexier and easier girls! Now I can date without getting engaged!

FastpantsLucy 21, Baltimore

I've got a bit of an insatiable sexual appetite... It has gotten me in trouble in the past and earned me the nickname "Fast Pants Lucy." I don't see anything wrong with liking sex and I don't intend to slow down, but it's harder now to meet people offline who'll give me a chance. I love hooking up on because it's so easy to meet guys as horny as I am. No complications - just fun!

Justindreamsforyou 23, Denver

I can get a bit intense. My past dates have often misinterpreted this as me looking for love and a commitment and either left running or smothered me with too much affection. Since I've been dating on Adult Hookups it hasn't been an issue because everyone already knows the expectations so you only get the dates and relationships you actually want. I don't think I'll ever stop using this site, things are going so well.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Free Sex Sites

Free sex sites are great dating fun! If you haven't given free sex sites a chance yet, you'll be kicking yourself for waiting so long once you start. Sometimes people remain a bit hesitant about first trying online dating, and even more so about trying free sex sites. While caution when first dating online is good, don't be so timid that you avoid positive, enriching life experiences. Arm yourself with the best knowledge about how to use free sex sites, and go into it with and open mind, but a critical eye for potential risks. AdultHookups is a great place to start your new dating adventure! We believe free sex sites are the perfect place to get exactly what you want from your dating life. Check out the top 5 reasons why you should use free sex sites.

Why Free Sex Sites #1: Compatible Intentions

One of the most challenging aspects of dating, of whatever kind, is matching intentions with attraction. Some people are looking for love and commitment, and others are looking for casual sex and no strings attached, and still others don't know what they want. You'll run into this problem consistently in person and on dating sites, but rarely ever on sex dating sites. Free sex sites are the only place to meet people where you can be sure that you are both looking for the same kind of relationship - physical. We've all been there. Satisfied and pleased by your recent and casual sexual encounter, but then suddenly your date is calling you constantly and wanting to hang out and calling you pet names... You've got a clinger and this isn't what you signed up for! Or maybe it's the reverse, and you've been out with your date a few times, slept together. You thought it was special, but it seems now that your date only wanted free sex and no emotional relationship. It isn't fun to be in either position, and sure, sometimes communication can help you through it, but sometimes it's just easier to go where everyone wants the same thing.

AdultHookups Is Different

With free sex sites you're very unlikely to run into this problem. And on AdultHookups, it's so easy to connect only with members who are looking for the same things you want. Imagine having a place you could go just to meet hot, available singles just looking for sex with people like you. That's what we offer at AdultHookups. All our members are here for a good time and no one is interested in complications. Dating without complication is the most rewarding! You can hook up without guilt or anxiety and have incredible nights of passion, easy!

Why Free Sex Sites #2: The Sex

Sex with free sex sites members is almost guaranteed to be better than your average sexual experience. When liberated people get together in bed, it can be electrifying! No more timid gestures and waiting for the other person to make the first or next move. Our members generally aren't in the habit of denying their sexual desires and impulses. We try to encourage and environment free of shame, where people can feel free to be themselves. So whatever kinds of hookups you get into, they are bound to be a different encounter than you're used to (if you're new to adult dating). Not only is it likely to be a better sexual encounter with a date you meet on free sex sites, but it's also easier to get that date in the first place because of where you're looking. If all you want is sex and you try dating through friends or at social events, it's very easy to run into complications, emotional and otherwise. And if you try meeting your dates through a regular dating site, you're likely to only find singles who are looking for much more than you are and may try to shame you for your very natural inclinations. If you're looking for free sex, join free sex sites like this one, Check out how sexy our members are! For more advice on how to find free sex dates, check out "How To Easily Find A Local Sex Date."

Why Free Sex Sites #3: Inexpensive

Is there a better price option than free? Rarely do people enjoy spending money, but everyone likes getting what they want for free! There are certainly few things better than free sex on free sex sites! On, sign up is completely free and quick. Just enter your email address, create a username, answer a couple of sorting questions (optional), and you're set to start browsing hot local singles! It doesn't cost a thing! Why would you want to pay buckets of money at some other dating site without and sexy perks when you could join free sex sites like AdultHookups and get all the free sex you want? It's an easy incentive to sell, paying little to no money and still getting exactly what you want. This is a very clear advantage of free sex sites. Most free sex sites use a model of all members getting a free basic membership and if you want to have access to bigger and better perks, you have to purchase them. There are lots of the Big Dating Sites that won't even let you sign up without paying. Still other sex sites make you sign up with your credit card, but claim they won't charge you. At you can play for free! Pay for what you want and no tricks.

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I've never had an easy time picking up women. I'm a bit shy and maybe slightly awkward. I definitely hadn't had the greatest luck with dating until I signed up with It's so much easier to feel comfortable approaching people online. And I can find out tons about them from their profile before we even talk so I actually know what to say to them. No more awkward silence!


I became a mom pretty young and it's been really tough since then to find dates and keep relationships. I realize now I'm not looking for a boyfriend - I have enough love in my life with my little girl - but I do want to date men to help fill my nights and have a bit of fun with. is exactly where I go to meet my sexy dates and it's never complicated, only fun.


I like to keep all my options open and have a good time. I meet women through friends and at work, but I figure, why not just make it that much easier for myself and join a dating site? My friends suggested a few different ones and they were kinda letdowns. Then I tried and knew that this was the site for me. Beautiful women, fun site, super easy to get a date.


I'm pretty reserved most of the time. I'm a "good girl" type. Good grades in school. Good job. Good relationship with my family. I want to let loose a little bit though. I've never really been unbuttoned, but I want to know what it feels like to just let myself go with a capable sexy man. Hello AdultHookups! So far I've been chatting with some great guys and having a blast!

Why Free Sex Sites #4: More Selection

Free sex sites are a fantastic choice if you want lots of options, more selection, and variety in your dates. Dating offline through friends or chance is about the least selective you can possibly be. Leave it to chance and you get what you're given, which is usually not much. But with free sex sites like AdultHookups, you get so much more choice and selection. We have sexy singles and available hotties joining our site every day, so your choices with us are always replenishing. Think about it. Online you have all your options easily available to you, and you can see all the important details that would help you to choose your date. And if you don't like your options, just wait a day and see who is newly online! No one wants to be stuck feeling like they've settled for someone not suited to them or not attractive enough to ignite your passion. With other dating sites that match members based on some arbitrary questionnaires, you are less likely to find people you feel any real attraction to. With free sex sites like, you find matches based on sexual compatibility, which is the most important consideration when you're looking to hook up. Emotional compatibility can be built after that spark is established and ignited.

Why Free Sex Sites #5: The Features

One of the best reasons to use free sex sites is the incredible features! Not every site has fantastic features or is built with the user in mind. Those are sites you don't want to waste your time with. Free sex sites like, however, have seriously entertaining site features that not only make the online dating experience more fun and pleasurable, but also are an exhilarating experience in themselves. Features like live webcam chats are sexy but also necessary to discovering whether you and your potential match would be a good sexual fit. And that feature is just one of our basics! Without giving too much away and spoiling the fun of discovery ... you'll be excited to find some pretty erotic features such as access to our adult video library. Check us out and see for yourself! When it comes to dating and sex dating, wouldn't you rather be making those connections in an environment that promotes sexual liberation and enjoyment? With everyone well in the mood for romance, you're more likely to get lucky. Those other dating sites will only give you the minimum and expect you to have all the fun offline. At AdultHookups we think the fun should be BOTH online and offline. Make sure to check out these other tips on adult dating in general in "Adult Dating Advice: AdultHookups Gives You The Scoop."

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