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Totally Free Sex Stories Sites



XNXX.com is our very fave place to go to find all of the best free sex stories Some sites have a little bit of free content and then paywalls but this site has all free sex stories, all the time!

XNXX.com Provides Its Readers With A Large Database Of Entirely Free, Super Kinky Free Sex Stories

  • no need to sign up to access stories
  • new hot stories are added a few times a week
  • use the message boards to talk to other members


WatchersWeb.com believes that sex stories can be totally free and still high quality and their story database proves it. Plus, that is a mindset that we can get behind!

WatchersWeb.com Doesn't Sacrifice Quality When Bringing You Free Sex Stories

  • super easy to use website with clear buttons and instructions for finding stories
  • browse stories based on subject, author, length, date, and more
  • get notified when new stories are added to the website


Cosmopolitian.com is a famous magazine, yes, but did you also know that you can find some great are sex stories on this site? Well, you totally can! Who knew magazines could be so sexy.

Cosmopolitian.com Has A Well Curated Section Of Free Sex Stories Waiting To be Discovered.

  • did we mention it's absolutely free?
  • no need to sign up for a membership either; start reading as soon as you click to the site
  • new hot sex stories are added regularly


TheCut.com is another magazine that you may be surprised to learn also has some great sex stories that are, yes you guessed it, totally free! We really like these stories because they are usually of a very high quality and fun to read.

TheCut.com Will Send You On A Wild And Sex Adventure With Their Free Sex Stories

  • while the database is smaller, the high quality of the sex stories makes up for it
  • very easy to navigate website
  • find and save your fave stories so you can always have them ready


ASexStories.com was originally behind a paywall but then the site realized that providing people with free sex stories was a much better way to attract members and community. Since switching to free stories they have almost quadrupled in size!

ASexStories.com Will Get You All Hot And Bothered With Their Free Sex Stories

  • access sex stories on desktop, mobile, or tablet
  • you never have to provide your personal information
  • get to know the different writers via the message boards


Sex-Stories-XXX.com doesn't think that free sex stories have to be tame or boring. In fact, they offer some of the most explicit and x-rated sex stories, free or otherwise!

Sex-Stories-XXX.com Will Absolutely Shock You With The Content Of Their Free Sex Stories

  • you'll never find any hidden paywalls ever
  • sign up to access some free member perks but otherwise you can read stories without signing up
  • vote on your fave hot sex stories every week


PSILoveYou is a different take on a free sex stories site. Instead of going the explicit route, this site wanted to focus on the romance and love aspects. Don't worry, these stories will still get you off. That's most important, of course!

PSILoveYou Will Sweep You Away With Romance While Also Making You Cum

  • stories are organized by genre, author, and length
  • bookmark sex stories that you want to be able to find later
  • leave comments for the authors so they know how much you loved their story


SoloTouch.com knows that sometimes the only pleasure you are going to be getting is from yourself. And that is totally okay! The hot sex stories on this site are designed for those readers who are going to be masturbating more often than not.

SoloTouch.com Has The Best Sex Stories To Climax Too, Especially If You Are Getting Off Alone

  • new stories added weekly
  • use the star button so you never lose track of your fave sex stories
  • get to know other members of the community through the message boards


CasualSexProject.com wants to shake up the sex stories world by providing users with an extensive database of entire free sex stories that are all submitted by members of the site.

CasualSexProject.com Contains An Extensive Database Of User Written Free Sex Stories That Will Get You All Hot And Bothered

  • all members are encouraged to write and submit their own hot sex stories
  • browse and write anonymously
  • site is very clean and easy to navigate


Vice.com is a well known media site, of course. But you should also be aware that you can find some pretty wild and crazy free sex stories on the site. Like with everything to do with Vice, these stories are absolutely bananas.

Vice.com Will Literally Blow Your Mind With Their Free Sex Stories Selection

  • no need to sign up or join; just click to the site and start reading
  • all absolutely free
  • easily save your fave stories so you can find them later

Entirely Free Sex Stories Sites

When we say free sex stories, we really mean free! Adulthookups.com has compiled a list of the best and most importantly totally free sex stories sites!

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