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SpaceFucker.com is a great place to quell your desires for niche porn, hookups, and much more. As one of the best hookup forums online, you'll find plenty of discussion threads and access to lots of links and videos to lots of your favourite sexy things.

SpaceFucker.com Is A Great Hookup Forum For Niche Hookups And More

  • easy to navigate
  • thousands of threads and discussions
  • easy access
  • moderators are helpful and insightful
  • lots of advice on dating forums


SexyAds.com is a perfect online hookup forum for all your niche needs, desires, and chances for dating. Well known, popular and trusted by all members, you will have a chance to share your two cents when it comes to niche hookups. Check out there BBC sub-categories.

SexyAds.comIs A Sensual Platform For A Golden Wild Hookup Forum

  • find anything related to niche hookups, porn and much more
  • easy to navigate
  • plenty of action to be had
  • ideal for those who are new to forums


City-Data.com is a perfect forum for hookups as well as a place to discuss everything related to your niche interests. Links to Asian, Black, and Indian porn are their hottest threads. There are also lots of people with similar interests meaning threads are easy to start.

City-Data.com Is The Niche Hookup Forum That You Need Right Now

  • easy to navigate
  • great for those new to forums
  • endless links to pics and videos
  • great moderators who answer questions quickly
  • great members


TooTimid.com is a great niche hookup forum if you are looking or sex advice. There are lots of threads about great sex positions as well a plenty of dating forums that can help you on your next date.

TooTimid.com Is The Hookup Forum With All The Smartest Sex Advice

  • moderated on a daily basis
  • perfect for anyone looking for sex advice
  • plenty of links to more sex advice
  • easy to ask questions
  • easy to start discussions and threads


Fetish-Planet.org has all of your questions about fetishes and much more. If you have a foot fetish or any other type of fetish, then this is the niche hookup forum for you because there is always something to do and something to say on these forums.

Fetish-Planet.org Is A Hookup Forum To Quench Your Thirst Of Anything Fetish

  • easy and fun to navigate
  • a big relief for those of you searching for fetish site that suits you
  • moderated on a regular basis
  • ideal hookup forum to find people to sleep with


ILoveInterracial.com is a hookup forum for those of you looking to explore the niche interracial sex. It's perfect for newbies and great for those of you with lots of experience with interracial relationships.

ILoveInterracial.com Gives You A Good Chance To Get Lucky On One Of The Best Hookup Forums In The World

  • easy and fun to navigate
  • ideal for anyone looking for action
  • great niche hookup forum links to pics and videos
  • great members who are welcoming and excited to share
  • huge database of discussions and threads


FemaleFirst.co.uk is a female centric hookup forum that gives women the chance to find the real types of guys they want. Though there are plenty of men seeking advice from women about what to do to pleasure their sexual partners. An ideal hookup forum!

FemaleFirst.co.uk Has A Cool Dating Forum With Helpful Sex Advice

  • great for sex advice
  • forums moderated by women for women
  • great place for men to seek sex advice
  • a great hookup forum for newbies
  • moderated with care


LuckyMojo.com is a perfect niche hookup forum for those with interests in anything saucy, different, and niche. But there's also plenty of conversations about romance, love and much more.

LuckyMojo.com Is One Of The Best Hookup Forums And Dating Forums Online

  • fun and easy to navigate
  • ideal for those looking for dating advice
  • great for those new to love
  • moderated carefully on a daily basis

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