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AfricanAmericanPassions.com is a perfect site to the find the hookup forum or dating forum you've been looking for. There's lots to see and lots to do on this website, from erotica to link to videos and pictures curated by top members and moderators.

AfricanAmericanPassions.com Is The Black Hookup Forum You Have Been Looking For

  • easy to sign up
  • great people who are new to forums
  • looking to hookup then this is the site for you
  • moderated with care by members
  • easy to join discussions


BlackPlanet.com is the planet where you are black and you never go black. One of the best online databases of hookup forums and dating forums with thousands upon thousands of threads and posts. There are plenty of links to other sites as well as plenty of people to talk to.

BlackPlanet.com Has Every Hookup Forum Thread You've Ever Dreamt Of

  • perfect for newbies to online dating
  • lots of dating advice
  • plenty of sex tips
  • plenty of moderators
  • 5,000 + threads


CocoaLounge.org is a great place to meet people and discuss everything sex! It's got some of the best black hookup forums online. You won't find better members or discussions anywhere else. People are always looking to have fun online.

CocoaLounge.org Will Have A Hookup Forum That Will Suit Your Desires

  • easy sign up
  • great threads to be apart of
  • plenty of hot members looking to have fun
  • moderated in a professional manner
  • 2000+ threads


Topix.com has everything you'd ever want in a hookup forum. It's easy to navigate and perfect for those of you who are unfamiliar with threads which are essentially your classic hookup forum. You will probably find someone in your area.

Topix.com Is Your Hookup Forum HQ

  • thosuands of threads to choose from
  • great discussions
  • great place for advice
  • fun place to argue
  • ideal for people just starting out on forums


BlackToWhite.net is full of hookup forums that have members looking for something serious or something fun. Ideal for anybody seeking an interracial relationship - this site is a favourite for thrill seekers with discussions about cuckolding along with sex stories.

BlackToWhite.net Is Where You Can Find The Black Hookup Forum That Gets The Mind Going

  • easy to sign up
  • fun to navigate
  • great discussions to watch unfold and be apart of
  • moderated with care
  • thousands upon thousands of threads


LipstickAlley.com is the best place for you to find the dating forums with the best advice for your future hookup. Filled with people just like you, all you need is username and you can be apart of the discussions.

LipstickAlley.com Has A Hookup Forum That Might Be Up Your Alley!

  • plenty of discussions to be apart of
  • moderated with care
  • thousands of members and threads
  • great external links
  • insightful conversation
  • great hookups
  • ideal for interracial fun


GrassCity.com is for those of you who love black women. We all know that they are the best in bed, so why don't you find one on one of the many hookup forums available on GrassCity.com. Take it to the next level.

GrassCity.com Is A Top Notch Dating And Hookup Forum HQ!

  • sign up today and have fun in a minute
  • find the black woman of your dreams on one of the hookup forums
  • ideal for anyone new to online dating
  • moderated with care and respect
  • thousands of threads to choose from


MGTow.com is for all this black babes out there who want that rare white meat or just the average white dude. Nonetheless MGTow.com is the site where you can score quickly and easily with any white dude you want.

MGTow.com Is A Great Hookup Forum Database Where Black Women Can Connect With Plenty Of White Guys

  • quick to sign up
  • easy to join discussions and have insightful conversations
  • easy to meet new people
  • moderated on an hourly basis
  • thousands of threads to choose from


BlackWhiteMeet.com is one of the most popular hookup forums out there because of the topics, because of the action, because of the fun that is to be had while on any one of the thousands of forums.

BlackWhiteMeet.com Is Perfect For Your Hookup Forum Needs: Easy To Use And With Guarantee You'll Hook Up!

  • easy to navigate
  • plenty of erotica available
  • links to pics and videos curated by members
  • moderated on a regular basis
  • dating advice threads are common

The #1 Black Hookup Forum Listings

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