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Check Out What Our Members Think
AGentleman_ForAll 52, Cedar Springs is the cream of the crop! I've tried 'em all - free sites, paid sites, niche sites (for specific fetishes and whatnot) and Adult Hookups is by far the best experience I've had. I've had no problem using the site and its features, and connecting with beautiful younger women. There are just as many women on here interested in an old geezer like me as there in young buff guys.

Abster69 29, Beaver

People have always known me as a "good girl", but AdultHookups has helped me lead the double life I've always dreamed of. My family and friends think I'm so innocent - as far as they know, I'm still a virgin! Adult Hookups is great for finding guys near by who can be discreet. I love hooking up with married men especially because they have extra incentive not to advertise our encounters.

ChooChoo90 27, Chicago

I just want to have an unlimited supply of men to have casual sex with. Is that too much to ask? Not for AdultHookups! My sex life has been AMAZING since I decided to sign up. I regularly have sex scheduled for four or five days a week. I have a good set of regulars, and I'm always looking for more to put in my roster. AdultHookups never has a shortage of new meat!

MagicTongue 35, Fort Payne

The username says it all! I'm just here to grace women with my pleasuring talents. Why keep my gift hidden from the world?! I'm not a man who can be tied to one woman, and I've found that my skills can really make a woman enthusiastic about reciprocating. Why would I give up a life like this? This site makes sure I always have new women to pleasure!

Free Adult Dating Sites Or Paid Adult Dating Sites?

Choosing the right adult dating site for you can seem like an impossible task. You have to consider whether you're looking at legitimate adult dating sites or one of the many, many fake adult dating sites and scams that exist out there. You need to make sure you're using an adult dating site that will protect your safety and privacy. You want to make sure you're using an adult dating site that has real members and can get you real sex! And even when you've found a site that meets the bare minimum of requirements, you still want to take into consideration what kind of features the site has, how easy it is to find local sex on the adult dating site, how many members the site has and, of course, whether it is a free adult dating site or a paid adult dating sites.

There are pros and cons to both, both paid adult dating sites almost always beat out free adult dating sites. Free adult dating sites are more likely to have fake profiles and scammers lurking on them, ready to take your personal information and money. Free adult dating sites attract scammers who set up fake profiles of hot women to fool men and get their money. Imagine - losing money AND finding out you were talking to a man the whole time! Could there be anything worse?

Many free adult dating sites are untrustworthy themselves, and in the long run will end up costing you more money. The free adult dating site itself may not charge you for services on the site specifically, but they will ask for your credit card or banking information to "confirm your account" or the like and then sell your information to third parties. The majority of "free adult dating sites" are just claiming to be free but will ask for your credit card information for a free trial or free gift but then put unwanted charges on your account. There are others that will simply sell your email address to third parties, so while this might not get money from you, it will lead to tons of unwanted emails and spam. Just think about what a lady would think if she saw your email full of penis enlargement messages and all kinds of other spam that you would get related to free adult dating? She certainly won't think positively about it, that's for sure. Think twice before using free adult dating sites.

Who Will You Find On Free Adult Dating Sites?

There's a big difference between people who use free adult dating sites and people who use paid adult dating sites. What does this mean for you as an adult dater? Well, first of all you need to know who you're going to find in terms of potential hookup partners on both free adult dating sites and paid adult dating sites. Second, you need to know how being a members of free adult dating sites or paid adult dating sites makes you look to potential hookup partners.

Who Uses Free Adult Dating Sites

Free adult dating sites are known to attract scammers. One of the most common scams is men creating fake profiles and acting as convincing females who will tell you they will do anything for you as long as you can pay for their travel to you. But, new scams are popping up every day on free adult dating sites, so you have to be hyper-vigilant if you choose to use them. Also, because of the number of fake profiles (created in the thousands), there are significantly less real members on free adult dating sites than they claim as their member base. And what of the real members on free adult dating sites? The women who use free adult dating sites are more often than not the, to put it nicely, less desirable women. These are not the sexy women you see on the street every day - no, those kind of women know when it's worth it to spend money on something, and are the women who join paid adult dating sites. Women who see you have a profile on a free adult dating site will assume that the same is true of you: that you're less than desirable. Is that what you want?

Who Uses Paid Adult Dating Sites

The number one reason people choose to use paid adult dating sites is that, unlike free adult dating sites, scammers are almost non-existant. Scammers stay away from paid adult dating sites because they don't not want to pay the price (no matter how good of a deal it is) and there are too many real, attractive women to compete with. And it is true that more attractive people use paid adult dating sites. Using paid adult dating sites makes you look better. Ladies love a man who isn't cheap. You don't need to have riches, but knowing the value of something (like an adult dating site) and knowing when to spend money on the right things? Those are traits that women look for. Hence, why they are more likely to connect with men on paid adult dating sites. You've already passed that part of their scrutiny!

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I want a guy who can show me something new. I am tired of the same old "vanilla" sex. Missionary position? Ugh, enough already! I'm flexible - bend me, twist me, hold me down... something, anything! I want a guy who can show me what I've been missing so far in my life. Think you got something to offer me? Send me a message - let me know what you'd do to me.


I'm just looking to have a good time with some good guys! Adult Hookups seemed like the best place for me to start. It's totally worth every penny, considering what I've got out of it in just the first month I've been signed up. I'm not normally one to gush over stuff or recommend things, but I can't stop telling everyone I know about how great this site is!!


I like a man who can keep up with me. I'm athletic, and even though I don't want to play touch football with you, I do want to play a little bit of touch something else, and I expect you to be at the top of your game. That's the kind of guy I'm looking for. I'm ready to go at a moment's notice, so feel free to chat with me. We'll see where it goes.


My name is Abby. I live in New York City. And I'm an insatiable sex fiend. Some have said "vixen", hence the username. I love sex, simple as that. I've never had a boyfriend who could keep up with me, but luckily I have a wonderful man now who understands that I need more than he can give me physically. He supports me being on Adult Hookups as long as it's just sex.

The Benefits of Paid Vs. Free Adult Dating Sites

Let us break it down for you. There are lots of things to consider when choosing between a free adult dating site and a paid adult dating site. And even once you've discovered free adult dating sites are not as good as paid, you still have tons to choose from. How can you know who to choose?

We can't speak for every site out there on the internet, but we can talk about the adult dating site you're on now: We've already gone over the fact that we have virtually no scammers or fake profile, and the fact that we have one of the biggest member databases with the highest number of real, female members, and the fact that women are more attracted to men on sites like AdultHookups than they are to men on free adult dating sites. But what else makes AdultHookups better than free adult dating sites?

Well, besides having millions of members worldwide and one of the most active member databases anywhere online, we also have one of the highest success rates for real-life hookups. Because our members are real, hot, and active on the site, you can easily have several options for hookups and you can get hooked up in a timely fashion because you're not spending you time wading through fake profiles and scammers and ugly girls like you are on free adult dating sites. Don't be fooled! Free adult dating sites are not the only ones that have fakes and scammers either - a lot of the "most popular" adult dating sites out there put fake profiles on THEIR OWN SITES to convince you to join. Then they just steal your money and let you chat with robots. Adult Hookups is different. We've been ranked #1 time and time again for member satisfaction, because to put it simply, we are the best at making sure our members are successful in adult dating!

Free adult dating sites often sell your personal information and photos to third parties. And you have to be extra careful when adult dating online, because even a lot of the paid adult dating sites do this too! Adult Hookups uses top of the line online security functions and will never give your information to anyone! We will never send you spam, and we will never do anything without your permission. Adult dating should be safe, secure, and discreet - AdultHookups believes this strongly.

What else does AdultHookups have that these paid and free adult dating sites don't have? AdultHookups boasts one of the largest collection of features of any adult dating site online. Not only do we have several methods of connecting with members (email, instant message, video chat, and more), but our mobile adult dating app can help you get hooked up faster than you could ever imagine! We also have sex chat rooms, naughty discussion boards, free webcam shows, a large collection of dirty photos, stories, and videos, and lots of other member features!

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