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If you're looking to add some excitement to your sex life or find new ways to enjoy sex, then adult sex toys are what you need to try. Still, there are a ton of different kinds of sex toys and they all do different things so it can be hard to figure out which one you should try out first. AdultHookups.com has done all the work for you so that you don't need to search for hours to find the best site for getting sex toys. To find out which sex toys are the best, you need to have a good idea of the different toys available.

The History of Sex Toys


Sex toys are very popular in modern society. They've been made popular in the media on tv shows and in movies and there are tons of places that you can buy sex toys. The introduction of the internet and online shopping made it very easy to get sex toys. It wasn't always like this though. Part of the reason for this was that sex wasn't widely accepted or talked about. People knew about sex but thought that it was only about procreation. Still, there are tons of ancient sex toys that have shown that people have always cared about sex as there has been evidence of phallic objects in caves all over Europe. Although the purpose of these ancient discoveries are just guesses, there are still dildo-shaped stone objects and carvings that are considered to be some of the earliest sex toys.

Probably the most widely-known examples of ancient sex toys are from Ancient Greece. The Greeks were known for being very sexual and they didn't shy away from talking about the pleasures of the body. For example, there was a mention of dildos in Lysistrata by Aristophanes which is about the Peloponnesian War in Ancient Greece. The Ancient Greeks worshipped Dionysus which was the god of sex, fertility and wine so it makes sense that sex was widely talked about. The Ancient Romans were very similar and they actually created double-ended dildos to use in ceremonies and orgies. In Ancient China, men used dildos and sex toys to pleasure their many wives when they weren't able to.

In the Renaissance, ornate dildos became very popular as sex toys as doctors and men used them to combat "hysteria." "Hysteria" was considered to be a medical condition that was caused by a woman's womb and orgasms were the only cure. In the 20th century, vibrators were invented to help treat "hysteria." As technology advanced, sex toys also got better and had more features. In the past, sex toys were made out of stone or metal and carved into a penis shape but as rubber became popular people started making sex toys out of this material. In 1869, the first steam-powered sex toys were created by Dr George Taylor which moved and had a dildo attachment. Also, the discovery of electricity made it so that sex toys could vibrate and move.

Let's go back to this idea of "hysteria." This was a disease that only affected women and according to doctors made them difficult to deal with and manage. To help women behave, there was a treatment for "hysteria" that became popular. This treatment involved massaging women's vaginas and this treatment needed to be done by a doctor in his office. When that became too much work, vibrators were created for at-home use. These vintage vibrators were made by General Electric and were called "hand Held Massagers" which gives you a better idea of how they were used by women. People were looking for new materials and shapes of sex toys which is how silicone toys and glass dildos became popular. Silicone was easy to clean, hypoallergenic and lasted longer when used with water-based lubricants and glass was strong and could be shaped into anything that you wanted. Today, sex toys can do a lot more and come in different shapes, textures and are usually battery-powered.

Technology had a big part to play in sex toys. There are toys that pinch and suck all with battery power. There are also sex toys that are connected to your phone so that you can use your favorite devices on the go. Today, there are sex toys that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand which makes them great for travel and some that are big enough to need their own room in your home. This also means that as new technologies are created and become popular with the world, there will be sex toys that use that technology to make sex better and keep things fresh and interesting. There's no limit to the sex toys that are available and will be available in the future because there are no limits to people's imaginations. Whatever you want, there are sex toys that will give you everything and more!

Why People Use Sex Toys


There are a few different reasons why people use adult sex toys. It honestly depends on the person since every person and every couple will have their own personal reasons for trying out sex toys. The use of sex toys in your sex life will make things more interesting and also help you achieve orgasm since you'll be able to try out different pressures and sensations. Plus, sex toys can also help your partner stimulate you so that you'll orgasm faster and more intensely. You can find people using sex toys because they are curious about sex, or who have never had an orgasm or are just looking to try new things with their partner which is why they decide to check out the different sex toys.

To Spice Up Their Relationships

Having sex with the same person over and over again is going to get boring because you'll get stuck in a routine and sex toys are a great way to add excitement to your regular sex routine. You can find sex toys that stimulate different erogenous zones of the body to help heighten the sensations and sexual arousal. Sex toys can also be used to create different scenarios and sexual fantasies. You can find sex toys that can add to your sex life in a variety of different ways especially if you love roleplaying or more extreme sexual activities. If you've always wanted to try out bondage play, there are a ton of accessories and toys that you can use to restrain yourself or your partner and have your wicked way with them. There are sex toys that are actually designed for couples including double-ended dildos, restraints, some kinds of vibrators and they can give both of you extra stimulation so that your sexual experiences are enhanced.

New Sensations and Experiences

Sex toys can help you learn about your body. They give you the time to explore yourself and what sensations will make you feel sexually aroused. There's no better way to find out what turns you on and makes your body happy. It will also increase your chances of having an orgasm and orgasms have so many health benefits which are also a reason why sex toys are becoming more popular. For example, you can use sex toys in a variety of different positions like anal sex. It can also be used in BDSM for humiliation and submission kinks and fetishes. You get to decide how you want to use your sex toys as long as you're washing them after every use and practising safe sex with them.

Use Sex Toys With A Partner Or On Your Own

One of the best things about sex toys is that you can use them by yourself or with a partner. On your own, sex toys can help you explore your body. They're also a great tool for masturbation because you can stimulate different parts of your body at the same time. You can sex toys to make it easier to multi-task. Also, when you use sex toys without a partner it will help you discover what movements and sensations you like best. This increases orgasms when you're with a partner since you'll already know what you like. If you're using sex toys with your partner, you're opening up yourselves to a new world of sexual pleasure. You never have to worry about unsatisfying or disappointing sexual encounters again with the different kinds of sex toys that are available.

Get Better Sex And More Orgasms

No matter how hard you try, sometimes it's hard to have an orgasm. There are lots of women who need extra stimulation of their clitoris before they can orgasm and this can be frustrating for you and your partner. Both of you want to have a good time and mutually satisfying sex and when it doesn't happen, it can affect your self-esteem. When you use a vibrator or other sex toys you can have an orgasm faster and easier because you can use that to help you orgasm. Sex will be more relaxing and enjoyable because you don't have to worry about having an orgasm. It also makes it easier for you to have multiple orgasms as you build intensity with vibrators and sex toys.

You Can Get Creative With Sex Toys

Trying out new sex toys can be very exciting especially as you use them in creative ways. Dildos, vibrators, sex machines, cock rings are all sex toys that have creative uses and experiences. Every time you get new toys, you are learning something new about how to use them. You can use them in a variety of different sexual positions and activities by yourself, with a partner or even with multiple partners. There are remote sex toys for example that you can hook up to your phone so that you and your partner can play with each other wherever you are. It's perfect for people who are busy or who travel a lot because it lets them stay connected to their partner even when they're far away.

Directory of Sex Toys


Trying out the best adult sex toys online is easy when you check out the sex toys index that AdultHookups.com has created. You can find sex toys by type or category so that you can easily find sites to buy them. Since the majority of the sites have a free shipping option and ship internationally, you'll find it easy to get the exact sex toys that you want. They're the perfect thing to help you live out your personal sexual fantasies and sexual positions that you've always wanted to try.

Try Out The Best Adult Sex Toys Online


Sex toys are some of the best things that you can have. You can use them to heighten your sexual experiences when you're with a partner or on your own. As you saw in this list, there are a ton of different kinds of sex toys that can be used to make your fantasies a reality. For beginners or experts, it's easy to find the best sex toys available online. You can get them delivered to your discreetly to your door so you don't have to feel nervous or embarrassed about using them either. Take control of your sex life and try out adult sex toys today!

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Guide To The Best Sex Toys Online - AdultHookups.com