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If you're feeling like you could use a hand getting through your current situation, we've got you. The best sex, dating, and relationship advice is here. You've come to the right place to find the answers you're looking for, now that you've come to Adulthookups.com. You know that we've got the hookups that you're looking for here, and now you're about to discover the best online resource for hookup, dating and sex advice blogs. You'll find the hottest singles on our site on AdultHookUps, and you'll also find the best advice online, as well.

In our guide, listed below, we've got 40 incredible articles to help you with whatever it is that you're going through when it comes to hookups, sex, dating and relationships. The topics cover pretty much everything from, How Falling For An Emotionally Unavailable Man Is Unavoidable to, How To Know Your Hookup Is A Serial Killer, to How Netflix Can Save Your Sad Relationship, to Why Every Relationship Needs a Little Personal Space. When we say we've got every possible thing covered, we're not kidding! There are excerpts from each article included in this guide to give you a little bit of a taste before you decide to dive right in. We've also included some guided information on the best ways to use this guide, and even more advice for how you can put our advice on sex, relationship, dating, and hookup advice.

The Four Areas We Cover In The AdultHookups Advice Guide


This covers What You'll Find In Our Guide, and there are four sections that we've covered, so you can look further into whichever applies to you. The sections are: Sex Advice, Relationship Advice, strong>Hookup Advice, and Dating Advice. Keep reading for some additional info on each section, and what kind of advice you can expect to find within each. We've got your advice covered.

Sex Advice

When it comes to Sex, we're going beyond the basic definitions, and including every possible subcategory within the definition of sex itself. So we'll not only cover things related to the most obvious definition, which is physical activity that is related to and often includes sexual intercourse, but we'll also get into many other areas that range from getting right down to business, to the more interesting stuff that isn't likely to lead to parenthood, such as: sex toys, fetishes, orgasms (not just a product of intercourse!), domination, we'll even talk about having sex when you're stoned. Whatever it is that you're looking to find out about having sex, and all of the very best ways to get the most out of it, you can bet you'll find the information you're looking for when you read through the advice in our detailed articles. We've got something for whatever it is you're stuck on.

Dating Advice

Let's just be honest, dating can seriously suck, and there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to finding success in the dating game. Whatever your endgame is with your dating at this point in time, there are a lot of things that you can decide to do, and there is a lot that you can get out of dating, whether you're looking for something that's going to end up being long-term, or you're looking to juggle a few people at a time. There is dating advice here for everyone. Keep reading!

Hookups Advice

Let's just call hookups what they are. They're not dating, and they usually lead to sex, or some type of sexual encounter. Hookups are basically a very casual version of dating. They're more of an unspoken (or maybe even spoken) agreement between two people that they're going to have some casual fun together, and there doesn't need to be much else happening before or after that. We've got some of the best hookup advice that you can hope to find anywhere, and we want to help you use it. Read on, we've got you covered!

Relationship Advice

Any way you slice it, relationships can be complicated. They're not always easy to navigate, and there are a lot of stages that relationships can go through. Good stages, not-so-good stages, ups and downs. There's a lot that can and does go on when you're in a relationship with someone, and when you get to these various stages in relationships, it can be hard to know what you can do to keep things going, or to get past major hurdles as they come up in your relationships. When it comes to figuring these things out, we've got the info you're looking for in our articles. You'll be glad you checked them out!

Using The AdultHookUps Guide


There's definitely nothing wrong with hunkering down and deciding to read through all of the articles that we have here, in each category. It's probably going to make more sense to look through our four sections (sex advice, relationship advice, hookup advice, and dating advice), and decide which applies to you most right now. Let's check out the advantages of each approach, though.

Going All The Way

There's nothing wrong with going all the way. At AdultHookUps, we're always doing our best to help you get as far as you can under every possible circumstance. If you decide that you're going to chill for the day and read all 40 articles from #1 - #40, then all the power to you. We've got the best sex advice, relationship advice, hookup advice, and dating advice around, so you really can't lose by checking everything out. Even if something doesn't apply now, it probably has in the past and/or will in the future, so go for it. After all there's nothing more fulfilling than going all the way, right?

Section By Section

This might make the most sense for you, especially if you're struggling in one particular area at the moment. For example, if your relationship is going through a dry spot right now, then you're probably going to want to take a look at our Relationship Advice section to help you out with that. Hookup Advice probably isn't going to help you figure out what you need to at this time, but in addition to relationship advice, Sex Advice is probably worth checking out as well.

Time to get to the good stuff!

AdultHookUps Sex Advice


Why save the best for last, right? Let's get right into the good stuff, and start with our Sex Advice section. We're going to take a look at many different areas of sex in this section, that range from dominating in the bedroom, to orgasms (lots about orgasms), to preparing for those last minute booty calls, to whether or not sleeping with your ex is a good idea. When it comes to sex, we've got information on everything you could possibly want to find out, so whether it's, "How To Dominate Him In The Bedroom", "How To Give Her Multiple Orgasms", or "How To Have A Blended Orgasm" that you're interested in reading about, we've got you covered.

How To Dominate Him In The Bedroom

Would you like to know how to dominate your in the bedroom? We can show you how! Every women out there loves it when a man takes charge and does things to them that makes them feel alive, but every now and then we like to turn the tables on our men and give them pleasure they can't even imagine. We want to show you... Read more.

How To Give Her Multiple Orgasms

Do you want to know how to give her multiple orgasms? Because we are here to help you out. We all know the saying 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend', but here is our take on it 'multiple orgasms are a girl's best friend'... Read more.

How To Have A Blended Orgasm

Do you want to know how to have or give a blended orgasm? Look no further There are so many different ways to have orgasms, but have you ever given someone a blended orgasm? That is the type of orgasm that takes the cake. It breaks the bed. This is the kind of orgasm you... Read more.

How To Prepare For An Impromptu Booty Call

How prepared are you for an impromptu booty call? Let us answer this for you. Being the single person that you are, you probably have people blowing up your phone all the time. Booty calls are... Read more.

Is Sleeping With Your Ex A Good Idea?

Is sleeping with your ex-partner ever really a good idea? Well, we are here to give you all the answers that you could need so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should have sex with your ex. Let's get started. This is a question that is as old as dating itself...Read more.

Why Stoned Sex Is The Best Sex

Why is stoned sex the best sex? Well, let us tell you. Stoned sex is the hottest sex you will have. It seems that every day more and more people are coming out about the pro effects of marijuana. However, they rarely talk about the number best part about smoking weed... Read more.

Do Extroverts Have More Sex?

Do extroverts actually have more sex? Short answer, yes but let us explain to you every side of this question to give you some insight. Nowadays, it seems that majority of people are introverted. Who can say why! But that is just the case. However, does being an introvert mean that you are having less sex than your extroverted siblings? We have dug deep and taken survey about whether or it matters how outgoing you are, who really has more sex? We talked to a university professor...Read more.

Are You Having Enough Sex?

This is the age old debate. Are you having enough sex? What defines how much sex you should be having? Well, we here at AdultHookups have decided to take it upon ourselves to get to the bottom of it. We want to make sure that you are having enough sex...and if you aren't, we want to help you start having more sex! You could be missing out! We talked to regular people and professionals alike tell us how much sex we should be having. If you aren't having enough sex, we will also help you have more sex with a few tips and tricks to get your ball rolling... Read more.

What Do Your Sex Dreams Really Mean?

What do your sex dreams really mean? Let us tell you, you might be surprised. Sex dreams are something that everyone has experienced at some point in our lives. Most of us will experience them when we are first going through puberty. These dreams don't leave as you get older they just transform into something new. Now, they tell you what kind of stuff you are into subconsciously. Or so we think. Have you ever wondered what your sex dreams really mean? Us too! So, we took it upon ourselves to figure out what our dreams could mean... Read more.

How Long Should You Wait For Rebound Sex?

How long should you wait for rebound sex? That's a complicated answer, but we have figured it out for you! We have all been there. We have had our heartbroken or we have broken a heart or two. You are single again. The world is basically yours ,but what do you do now? How long should you wait until you have rebound sex? AdultHookups is here to help you solve this age old mystery and make sure you are winning this break up...Read more.

AdultHookUps Dating Advice


Dating Advice is a biggie these days, and we've got some seriously good advice here at AdultHookUps. We're going to talk about everything in this section from dating emotionally unavailable men to dating diets, to why it is that you might actually suck at dating. There's a lot we've got covered here, so we're pretty sure that whatever it is you're looking to find out, the spectrum of advice offered in this section is sure to help you out. These articles include everything from: "How To Go On A Dating Diet This Summer", to "How To Send A Guy The Perfect Text At The Perfect Time", to "Why You Probably Suck At Dating". Keep reading! We've got the goods!

How Falling For An Emotionally Unavailable Man Is Unavoidable

Many people can actually relate to the fact that while you are dating this guy, he appears to be the perfect dating solution. He constantly... Read more.

How To Go On A "Dating Diet" This Summer

Summer is never too far in the distant future, despite the winter making it feel like it will never arrive. How do you prepare to go on a dating diet for the... Read more.

How To Send A Guy The Perfect Text At The Perfect Time

Do you have an interest in someone so much so that you want to date the person, but you don't know how to communicate this to the person? Yes, a guy gave you his... Read more.

Why You Probably Suck At Dating

There are some people who know how to start and maintain their relationships. These people will oftentimes meet prospective partners and without much effort, but with ease, they are able to make a connection, whether they meet in... Read more.

How Long Should You Wait To Date After A Breakup?

It is not easy to go through a breakup...period! It is never simple to deal with and when it happens, you are at the worst place in your life, at least, that is how you feel. If you date too early after a breakup, you end up going on rebound, especially, if you haven't dealt with those feelings in the ideal way. Some people say, it is best to give it 30 days or one month...Read more.

What Is Breezing?

It is hard to keep up with these dating trends today. There are so many of them and some of them intertwine while others stand on their own. Breezing is one of the newer dating trends that some people embrace when they don't give a damn about their own actions. They don't even care about how that makes you feel. They will...Read more.

When Is It Okay To Date Your Friend's Ex?

Is it really OK to date an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend that belonged to your friend? Some people say that exes of your BFF should be off limits. There are times, though, that stuff happens, which you didn't plan or you didn't know would happen to you. It's not that you sought to be with your ex's friend. This could be an honest to goodness fluke or situation that you stumbled into. It could be that you both have such a serious connection and chemistry;...Read more.

What Is Sidebarring?

In the most recent years, there has been a new dating trend called sidebarring. You might be guilty of doing this too in your relationship. Whether you sidebar using social media or your cell phone, it is still rude to be involved in some other conversation when you are in the company of your other half or even a friend or associate. You spend most of your time looking at your computer screen or your cell phone screen instead of focusing on the person in front of you and this is considered quite disrespectful. You would think that you...Read more.

What Is Submarining?

Submarining is similar to ghosting in the sense that the person you are dating goes silent and into a state of nothingness, leaving you hanging. It is similar to the person having a submarine and then just went under water with it and not able to contact you. So, it is ghosting. However, it has more watery images. But, after months later, the person emerges from their underwater escape and comes right back into your life. It is much like when those sailors were shipped out to sea...Read more.

Why Do Women Prefer Dating Older Men?

here are women who date older men for different reasons but mostly because of the man's success, his sense of accomplishment and sophistication. This is blatantly obvious. Nothing is wrong with this choice, however, as it is a personal preference that cannot be denied works for a lot of women. For some women,...Read more.

AdultHookUps Hookup Advice


Next up to bat is section three, and you can bet that when it comes to Hookup Advice, we've got the best information around. From figuring out whether or not your hookup might be a serial killer, to knowing whether or not you're hooking up with a fuckboy, to monogamy vs. casual sex, to those things that you really shouldn't be doing during a hookup, we've got the information you're looking for here! If you want to know: "How To Tell If Your Hookup Is Boyfriend Material", "What Not To Do During A Hookup", and "Why You Should Pick Hookup Dating Sites Over Apps", we've got all of the answers you could possibly need right here, and we know that the information we've put together is sure to help you out, and get you going on the right track. We're the #1 hookup site for a reason, so keep on reading because whatever you need to know, we've got you covered.

How To Know If Your Hookup Is A Serial Killer

Strange, I know, but there have been many cases where people have met up with serial killers, some get away clean and others end up elsewhere. If you are seriously worried... Read more.

How To Know You're Hooking Up With A Fuckboy

Worried that you've been hooking up with a fvckboy? We're here to help. There are so many actions and words that only a fvckboy would do or say, and we've listed all of them down for you. This is one thing that can go unnoticed for a while... Read more.

How To Tell If Your Hookup Is Boyfriend Material

If you are here, it's because you are wondering whether your casual hookup is boyfriend material or not, and that's a good question. A lot of hookups actually result in a relationship, but it's important to know the difference between a guy who is... Read more.

How To Tell If Your New Hookup Is Girlfriend Material

What do you do when your new casual hookup is someone you think you could be interested in? Well, first you come to AdultHookups to check out how to tell if your new hookup is girlfriend material, and then see if you can swindle your way into her... Read more.

Monogamy Vs. Casual Sex

When it comes to monogamous relations, VS casual ones , it is very personal as to which is the right decision is for you. At certain times in our lives, casual sex may sound a lot better than monogamous, and flip flop. It is easy to see why someone would like either better. A monogamous relationship can be nice to someone who has been out of one for a while. Someone who cares about you, and someone who is still around after orgasming. It is nice to have someone there who wants to hold you and hang out with you no matter what mood you're in and no matter...Read more.

What Not To Do During A Hookup

We've all made mistakes when it comes to hooking up. Depending on who you are hooking up with whether it is someone you just met or someone you've known for a while, there are some things that you just shouldn't do or even think of doing. Some things... Read more.

Why You Should Still Pick Hookup Dating Sites Over Apps

When you are choosing apps over online hookup sites, you are mixed in with those looking for a relationship and those who aren't only looking for a hook up. This can often make your situation more complicated and may cause awkward situations to occur. When you are on a... Read more.

Can A Hookup End Up In Marital Bliss?

Most to all of the time we are hooking up with someone, the last thing on our minds is marriage. It seems that marriage usually comes out of romantic situations who are serious about their partner from the start, but it's very true that anything can happen and that's the bottom line. If you find someone attractive and only have sexual feelings towards them at the beginning, it doesn't mean that things cannot change! It's also true that a lot of monogamous relationships began with a hookup....Read more.

Does Your Casual Hookup Want More From You?

Casually hooking up can sometimes turn into someone catching unwanted feelings. At the start, you both agree that it's best to just hook up, but when you aren't careful, bad things (like catching feelings) happen. If you are here, the person you have a casual relationship with may be wanting more from you. There are some very clear ways to recognizing these signs. If you are the person who is wanting more from your hookup but aren't sure if they feel the same way, know that if none of these signs are shown through this other person it really has nothing to do with you. They are just mature enough to know that they are not ready...Read more.

Is Hooking Up On A Regular Basis Unhealthy?

Depending on who you are, hooking up on a regular basis can be a good or bad thing. Depending on if you are hooking up monogamously or not, there can be ups and downs to each. Being comfortable while being intimate with someone is very important. Sometimes, we have this idea in our heads that we are totally fine with hooking up with multiple people on a regular basis, but then when ideas start racing through our heads at a certain point it can become old and start making us feel regretful. Sometimes, one is totally fine with hooking up...Read more.

AdultHookUps Relationship Advice


Alright! Time to get down to business with the fourth and final section here, and talk about Relationship Advice. We've got all of the goodies you're looking for right here, and whether you're looking to find out how Netflix can save your relationship, how to know when your relationship is over, or even how you can get over someone, we've got all of the bases covered here with fantastic articles such as: "How To Get Over Someone You See Every Day", "What It Means For Your Relationship When You Do Holidays Separately", and "Why Every Relationship Needs a Little Personal Space". There's a lot more in this section as well, and when it comes to finding out the best advice around on relationships, you can bet that you'll want to read through all of these AdultHookUps articles, so keep reading!

How Netflix Can Save Your Sad Relationship

Netflix has quickly become one of the most popular activities for couples and singles. In modern dating, Netflix is a fun thing to do with your partner when you are just hanging out at home since it offers a low-key date option. Picking a new movie or television show to watch together... Read more.

How To Get Over Someone You See Every Day

When it comes to modern dating people tend to go out with people that they see a lot which is why many people end up dating people that they work with. While you are dating this person, it is very exciting to be able to see them every day. If you break up... Read more.

How To Know When Your Relationship Is Over

Breaking up with someone that you have been with for years is a very emotional experience. It can be sad but it can also cause you to feel relieved especially if you are already aware that your relationship is over. Most likely, your feelings have changed and... Read more.

What It Means For Your Relationship When You Do Holidays Separately

Holidays are a time when people want to be together. It is considered a right of passage to invite your significant other to your home for the holidays but in modern dating this does not always work for everyone. Sometimes you and your partner could have conflicting work schedules and it is hard for the two of you to get away together during the holidays. Long-term relationships......Read more.

Why Every Relationship Needs A Little Personal Space

Relationships require constant work and both partners have to want to make each other happy. Many people in relationships feel guilty asking for personal space or time away from their partner. They think that they should want to spend every... Read more.

Can I Affair-Proof My Relationship?

This is because people are more vocal and open about these difficult situations and are being honest with their partners about their mistakes. Although, this can help heal a relationship after a betrayal, open and honest communication is a way that you can "affair-proof" your relationship. To prevent an affair, you and your partner should feel comfortable talking about your feelings and be able to compromise so that you can figure out what you need to do to make each other happy. Affairs...Read more.

Are You Ready To Move In With Your Significant Other?

Moving in together is a big step in a relationship. It shows that the two of you are ready to commit yourselves to each other and start a partnership. Sharing a household means making it work together and being mature enough to pay the rent on time, share finances and expenses and spend hours of time together even when you are not doing anything interesting. It means changing your relationship...Read more.

Is It Bliss Or Did I Settle?

There are plenty of reasons why people settle in relationships. Part of it could be the "safe" route. You might have gotten out of a bad relationship or are just tired of the drama of dating and you finally found someone who is steady and dependable. You could be afraid of being alone after being single for many years and jumped into dating the first person who paid attention to you. Maybe all your friends are in relationships and you are starting to feel like the perpetual...Read more.

Should You Tag Your Relationship On Facebook?

In today's day and age, Facebook and social media are part of modern dating and relationships and it is hard to get away from it. People are constantly sharing their new and old relationships and funny photos of their partners on Facebook so that everyone that they know can see how happy they are. Social media is used as a way to communicate with people when you do not see them every day...Read more.

What Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like?

A healthy relationship can be hard to define. This is especially true in modern dating where hookups and casual dating are becoming more and more popular. Dating is not the same as it was fifty years ago. Modern dating is more nuanced and people are making their relationship fit them rather than trying to force themselves to fit the relationship...Read more.

Try Out Your New Found Knowledge


You've got all of the information you could possibly need now. You are all set to take on the world of dating, hooking up, relationships, and obviously - sex. There is a lot that you can do with this information, now that you're armed with it, and if you're not entirely sure what the best ways to put the information to use are, we've even gone ahead to put together some more suggestions so that we've got you covered there, too.

Have Some Seriously Hot Sex

We've hooked you up with some pretty hot Sex Advice, and now that you've read through our section about sex, you're ready to head out there and serve up some pretty intense orgasms, and try some things that you might not have thought about before. Your sex life is about to improve incredibly, so get ready to have some of the hottest nights you've ever had!

Enjoy Relationship Success

There's a lot of information on relationships in our guide that we know is going to help you out substantially, and help you get past some of the hurdles that you might currently be experiencing. Even if what you need to go through is minor, that's cool. You're now all ready to make the most of what you have going on.

Have Hookups With Substance

Our Hookup Advice and our Sex Advice pretty much guarantee that your hookups are about to blessed with as much substance as hookups can possibly be blessed with. You're ready to head out there and turn mediocre experiences into incredible ones so get out there and do it! You're welcome, by the way.

Dating Advice You Can Bank On

We know that our Dating Advice has now provided you what what you need to get the most out of your dating experiences, so that you can see where they'll lead. We're really happy that we can provide you with advice on how to avoid some of the pitfalls of dating, and how to turn some bad situations into good ones, so that they can have outcomes that you're going to end up being happy with. You're ready to look forward to enjoying your dating experiences, rather than dreading them.

Now that you've read it all, let it all digest, and come together in your own mind, so that you can get out there and face the world of sex, relationships, hookups, and dating with the kind of confidence that you've always wanted to. You're ready!

The Very Best Guide To Sex & Dating

If you're feeling like you could use a hand getting through your current situation, we've got you. The best sex, dating, and relationship advice is here.

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