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There is something incredibly satisfying when we get to read a beautifully written sex story that seems to excite us more than pictures or videos ever could. Because these stories are only limited by the writer's imagination they can transport us to places we've never been to before, and introduce us to new and exciting pleasures and sins. Imagine being able to experience all of your wildest desires, all you need is your own imagination! Everyone here at AdultHookUps is such big fans of sex stories that we just had to put together this directory for all our readers to enjoy. You'll be able to sit back and enjoy stories that cover every possible type of desire and sin. You'll find categories like erotic, BDSM, mature, interracial, kink, lesbian, gay, and so much more! So whether you are already a fan of sex stories or looking to try out something new, you can't go wrong checking out any of the sites we've found.

So What Exactly Are "Sex Stories"?


Sex stories, as the name suggests, are pieces of writing that depict different sexual acts and encounters. These are works of fiction, so every story is different and the writer has full control over everything that happens. They are only limited by their own imagination and writing ability! With that much freedom, sex stories usually allow readers to experience all sorts of different sins that you might not be able to find in a more visual format. If you really think about it, sex stories are the original porn. Long before cameras and the internet, everyone got off by reading erotic literature. The fact that it has survived all this time is a testament to how amazing sex stories can be.

Why We Like Reading Sex Stories


We've touched on it a few times already, but the reason we love reading sex stories is the fact that the experience is only limited by the imagination of the writer. There are basically no limits and no rules when it comes to sex stories! We also love them because we can really imagine our selves experiencing everything going on in the story. You provide all the visuals in your own mind, making every story that much more exciting! Last but not least, we just like reading beautifully crafted stories more than we like watching videos or looking at pictures. There is just something incredibly evocative about sex stories that you just can't find anywhere else.

The History of Sex Stories


The first sex stories originate all the way back to the ancient civilizations who began depicting erotic encounters in the form of poems and verse. Yes, sex stories have been around since ancient times! The history of sex stories continues throughout the 17th, 18th, 19, and 20th century. There are even examples of Chinese erotic literature that dates back to the 16th century as well. And while the style of writing and the types of sin and excess the writers depict have changed over the centuries, sex stories have remained incredibly popular all over the world. Even when the writers were being prosecuted and their stories were being destroyed, people kept reading and enjoying sex stories.

The Very First Sex Stories

It's time for a little history lesson. The first examples of sex stories, in the form of erotic verse, were found in ancient Sumer and date back to as early as 4,000 BC. Yes, you read that correctly, the first recorded examples of erotic literature are over 6,000 years old. Now, we're not sure exactly how the ancient Sumerians enjoy themselves when reading these early sex stories, but it's incredible to think that the art of writing about sex and sin has continued all this time. We're not going to suggest you go check out some of these early writings, we much prefer some of the more modern work, unless you are really into ancient history as well as sex stories. In which case, go nuts!

How Sex Stories Have Changed Over The Centuries

The earliest written sex stories usually dealt with the sexual exploits of deities in the form of poems and verse. You would also find erotic poems throughout ancient Greece and Rome that ranged from satirical and obscene to more serious depictions of orgies and sexual encounters. Considering how far back the history of sex stories go we really don't think we could possibly explain how they have changed over the centuries. And if you really think about it, they haven't changed that much. The biggest difference between the sex stories written in ancient times, the middle ages, and now is the change of public opinion of the works. Many early sex stories are considered too lewd and obscene to be distributed. Nowadays that sort of prosecution doesn't really happen.

Modern Sex Stories

As we just started to talk about, modern sex stories benefit from a drastic shift in public opinion compared to the stories written in the middle ages and even in the early 20th century. As people began being more accepting of different sexual desires and pleasures you started seeing more and more literature depicting those very things. Writing styles have also evolved over time, the newest sex stories coming out are so evocatively written and detailed that you will start to feel like you are there experiencing everything you are reading for yourself. You might actually start to find yourself reading them for the story as well as to get you off.

So Are Sex Stories True or Not?


Sex stories come in all different shapes and sizes and depict every type of sexual act you can think of. Some of these stories are so well written and detailed that you might have a hard time believing that the stories didn't actually happen. And that might very well be true. A lot of writers draw upon their own experiences when writing sex stories, either as reference and inspiration or as the basis for the story itself. You'll find stories that are exactly as they happened in real life, stories that are inspired by real events, and stories that are entirely fictional. We think all kinds of sex stories are great, but you might have your own preference when it comes to non-fiction and fiction stories.

Fictional Sex Stories

If we had to pick, fictional sex stories are our favorites. There is something about knowing the story is entirely made up that makes it even hotter for us to read. It's so much easier to place ourselves in the stories and visualize what the writer has created when it's not based on real people or events. Chances are, these fictional sex stories are also able to be written with fewer restrictions and boundaries.

Factual Sex Stories

The other types of sex stories are non-fiction, or factual, sex stories. These will either be exact depictions of real events–such as an author sharing their own sexual adventures from the past–or they could be inspired by real events that the author experienced themselves in some way.

The AdultHookUps Sex Stories Directory


Now that the ancient history lesson is over we can dive right into our sex story directory. That is why you're here right? Let's not waste any more time and get right to it. There are a lot of different kinds of sex stories to choose from, but don't let the length of our directory list intimidate you. Just start with some categories that you know you will love and then start branching out. This is definitely not something that you need to get through all in one sitting, so take you're time and enjoy. You'll find a general category list that covers our favorite sites from each category, after that we've broken down some sub-categories that can help you find exactly the kind of sex story you are looking for.

What To Do After Reading Through This Guide


Trying to figure out what to do first after reading this guide to our sex story directory? Well, first things first, bookmark this page! Being able to come back and see the directory is the best way to make sure you experience all the hottest sex stories out there. After that, we recommend diving right into a category and starting there! You don't don't need to visit every site in our directory all at once, most of the fun comes from exploring and finding new stories over time. You might be looking for a particular type of story right now, but that could change the next time you're looking to get off. And that's exactly why we made the directory.

Some Tips For Navigating This Guide


The directory can look a little intimidating at first, with so many different categories and sub-categories it can be hard to decide where to go first and what to do after that. You'll notice that each of our four categories have their own directory page. This is the best place to go to see all our favorite sex story sites for that category, and definitely a very easy way to start your adventure. Each of the sub-categories further breaks down those categories, which is perfect if you are looking for a very particular type of story.

Don't Skip Over Any Categories

It can be tough to skim through all the different categories and not click on each one, but we really do recommend checking out each and every one of them. Maybe not all at once, but definitely over time. There are so many amazing stories that are waiting to be read, and you'll miss out if you skip even just one category.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

The best part about reading sex stories is that you are able to experience something new and exciting very easily. We highly recommend taking the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try reading a story about something you normally wouldn't check out. Do you have a buried curiosity about a specific category but haven't tried it out yet? This is your chance to broaden your horizons and see what else you could be into.

Bookmark Your Fave Stories!

We've read and re-read some of our favorite sex stories multiple times and we definitely recommend you do the same! The easiest way to do this is by bookmarking the stories that really got you going. It's always nice to have a go-to story or ten that you can rely on to get your off in any situation.

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