A Guide To The Best Date Hookup Spots Around The World


If you are looking for the best date hookup spots in your area, you should check out AdultHookups' Guide To The Best Date Hookup Spots Around The World! Here on this page, we will cover the definition of date hookup spots, the history of date hookup bars, notable date hookup spots in the UK, the UK, and Canada (including links to our full directory of date hookup spots in each country and tons of cities within each one), and our advice for having the best date hookup possible! It is all here, waiting for you below, so do not waste anymore time before getting started!

What Counts As A Date Hookup Spot?


When we talk about date hookup spots, what are we really talking about? Well, technically, a date hookup spot can be any place where men or women go in an attempt to find potential partners, casual hookups, one-night-stands, and other encounters. Truth be told, most of the time when someone mentions "date hookup spots" they are widely referring to date hookup bars, but that is not always the case. Below, we will discuss the three main areas of date hookup spots and what they include:

Date Hookup Bars. Bar, tavern, pub, saloon, speakeasy, cantina, bodega, watering hole... whatever you want to call it, this is what is being referred to most often when someone says "date hookup spots". The only two things that establishments have to check off to be official considered date hookup bars are: 1. they serve alcohol, and 2. men and women frequent them with the intention of picking up other men and women for romantic and/or sexual interests. That's it! Sounds like at least a couple of places you know, we bet!

Date Hookup Clubs. Like date hookup bars, date hookup clubs often serve alcohol since: 1. it is a well known social lubricant, and 2. it is a great money-maker for any establishment. Two of the main examples of date hookup clubs are dance clubs and sex clubs. Dance clubs serve as both entertainment venues and bars all rolled together in one. They are places where people go at night to dance and hear fashionable (or themed) dance music. Sex clubs, on the other hand, are establishments where couples and singles can meet and partake in sexual activities. Some notable sex clubs include The Green Door in Las Vegas, Nevada, US; Xtasia in West Bromwich, England, UK; and Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Other Date Hookup Spots. As you move from city by city, you will find that different places in different areas all have their own ideas when it comes to the best date hookup spots. For example, if you are American, you may find that somewhere like India has wildly different and unique date hookup spots that are not common in the area where you are from. These date hookup spots can include : coffee shops, grocery stores, museums, retail stores, markets, dog parks, playing or watching sports, cultural performances (such as comedy shows, poetry readings, dance recitals, etc.), attending classes, laundromats, weddings, volunteering, and more.

The Evolution of Hookup Bars + Beyond


Early in the history of the Western World, bars were on the scene in order to provide hard-working people with alcohol, a beverage that soothed their tired bodies and softened their hard personalities. It was not long until people realized the affect that alcohol had on their confidence and ability to make connections with others, and it was at that time that a boom of date hookup bars took hold of the westernized nations. From there, an expansion began (and still goes on today) that shifted the focus from "alcohol first, hookups second" to "hookups first, alcohol... maybe", creating many of the date hookup spots that exist today.

Notable Date Hookup Spots In The US, UK, & Canada


Although we hope to eventually cover date hookup spots around the entire world, we decided first to cover the three countries of our largest groups of readers: the Unites States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. These three westernized countries have always been on the forefront of date hookup spots and have some of the best place to hookup anywhere in the world! Below, we will discuss notable date hookup spots from each country and offer you links to all of our continued work on each city. If at any time you want to know more about the date hookup spots in a particular country or city, all you will have to do is click!

US Date Hookup Spots

When it comes to hooking up in the United States, date hookup bars are by far the most popular places to make it happen. Americans, more than any other people in the world, have grown up in the center of a bar hookup culture. When you grow up watching shows like Cheers or How I Met Your Mother or Mixology and movies like Casablanca or Cocktail or The Fighter, the idea of meeting each other at US date hookup bars is ingrained in us from as early as childhood. Because of this, the majority of Americans turn to US hookup bars when they are looking for partners or just trying to find hookups.

So, let us start there. Notable US hookup bars include: Porchlight in New York City, New York; Good Luck in Rochester, New York; Dullboy in Jersey City, New Jersey; Turf Supper Club in San Diego, California; Whitey's in Boston, Massachusetts; Teardrop Lounge in Portland, Oregon; Japp's Since 1879 in Cincinnati, Ohio; Occidental in Denver, Colorado; Cane & Table in New Orleans, Louisiana; Swan Market in Rochester, New York; Seamstress in New York City, New York; Founding Fathers Pub in Buffalo, New York; Showtime Lounge in Washington, D.C.; Leyenda in New York City, New York; Whitechapel in San Francisco, California; Mt. Royal Tavern in Baltimore, Maryland; Shelby's Bar & Grill in Denver, Colorado; Quarter Bar in New York City, New York; Ray's Happy Birthday Bar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atomic Liquors in Las Vegas, Nevada; Hot Bird in New York City, New York; Fat Angel in San Francisco, California; Brother Jimmy's BBQ in New York City, New York; and more.

That's not to say there aren't other places to meet people in America, though! Other notable US date hookup spots include: Hearst Castle in San Luis Obispo County, California; coffee houses in Seattle, Washington; Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah; Panama City Beach in Panama City, California; ski hills in Aspen, Colorado; Central Park in New York City, New York; John K. King Used & Rare Books in Detroit, Michigan; Museum Of Modern Art in New York City, New York; and more.

Click here to be directed towards our full US date hookup spots directory.

UK Date Hookup Spots

The United Kingdom may not be surrounded in a shroud of hookup bars culture like the United States are, but as somewhere that is home to some of the oldest bars in the world, there is definitely a high focus on UK hookup bars as a place to meet potential partners and fun one-night-stands. Pretty much everyone across Ireland, Scotland, and England takes drinking (and where they do it) very seriously, so it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of UK hookup bars to choose from.

Notable UK hookup bars include: Bar Termini in London, England; Neighbourhood in Manchester, England; The Wine Press in Dundee, Scotland; Original Sin in London, England; Gin71 in Glasgow, Scotland; Oriole in London, England; Baltic Ice Bar in Renfrew, Scotland; The Blue Bar at The Berkeley in London, England; The Stag's Head in Dublin, Ireland; Dandelyan in London, England; The Last Word Saloon in Edinburgh, Scotland; Happiness Forgets in London, England; Bramble Bar & Lounge in Edinburgh, Scotland; The Blind Pig in London, England; McDermott's Pub in Doolin, Ireland; The Punch Room in London, England; Louie's Backyard & Bar in Killkenny, Ireland; Claridge's in London, England; The Drymen Inn in Drymen, Scotland; Mr. Fogg's Residence in London, England; Rutherfords Micropub in Kelso, Scotland; The Connaught Bar in London, England; The Devil's Advocate in Edinburgh, Scotland; The Milk Thistle in Bristol, England; and more.

There are plenty of other great UK date hookup spots, too! Other notable UK date hookup spots include: Bloomsbury Bowl in London, England; Hever Castle in Edenbridge, England; Natural History Museum in London, England; Crockford Bridge Farm in Weybridge, England; Arch Climbing Wall in London, England; Emmetts Gardens in Kent, England; London Wine Academy in London, England; Hyde Park in London, England; Somerset House in London, England; The Snow Centre in London, England; and more.

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Canada Date Hookup Spots

Canadians are much like Americans and UKers in the way that they use date hookup spots to find relationships and casual encounters, but there are still some subtle differences between Canada and these two other Western countries. For one thing, Canadians tend to be a more outdoorsy type of people, preferring ice skating, star gazing, and long hikes to getting tipsy at the local hookup bars. They also tend to get out and enjoy cultural institutions over throwing back brews and finger foods. So, when we are talking about Canada date hookup spots we are talking about a little bit more than just Canada hookup bars!

Just to keep things consistent, let us start once again with notable Canada hookup bars include: The Bothy in Edmonton, Alberta; The Libertine in Toronto, Ontario; Narrow Lounge in Vancouver, British Columbia; Cold Tea in Toronto, Ontario; Big in Japan in Montreal, Quebec; Rhum Corner in Toronto, Ontario; The Staff Room in Ottawa, Ontario; Noble in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Little Jumbo in Victoria, British Columbia; Tavern and Lounge at Westminster Hotel in Dawson City, Yukon; The Black sheep Inn in Wakefield, Quebec; The Blackbird in Vancouver, British Columbia; Pig & Duke in Calgary, Alberta; Le Mal Necessaire in Montreal, Quebec; The Port Pub in Port Williams, Nova Scotia; Tide & Boar in Moncton, New Brunswick; and more.

But as we said before, Canadians do not put all their focus on hookup bars. They love a variety of cultural and outdoor activities! So, some other notable Canada date hookup spots include: David Dunlap Observatory in Toronto, Ontario; whale watching along the west coast; The Art Gallery Of Ontario in Toronto, Ontario; Russell Books in Victoria, British Columbia; Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema in Toronto, Ontario; rock climbing literally anywhere; Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver, British Columbia; Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Ontario; Pandora's Boox and Tea in Olds, Alberta); Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario; Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec; Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia; Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Ontario; and more.

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Advice For The Perfect Date Hookup Anywhere


So, now that you know where to find the best hookup spots Canada, the US, and the UK have to offer, it is time for us to offer you our next piece of helpful information: advice on how to have the perfect hookup anywhere in the world. Below, you will find our top tips for hooking up, no matter where you are or which date hookup spots you choose:

Confidence, Not Cockiness.

Nobody likes a cocky person, but everybody is attracted to someone with confidence. It can be a fine line to walk along, but if you can master confidence without stepping over into cockiness, you will be setting yourself up for some of the best date hookup opportunities that you can.

Appearance Matters.

We all like to pretend that we are not shallow—and, sure, to a point we are not—but, at the end of the day: appearance matters. Shower before you head out. Brush and floss your teeth. Make sure you have deodorant on. Pick appropriate clothing for the date hookup spots that you attend. Spend more than $10 on a haircut. All these small little things add up! You want to look (and smell, and feel) your best if you are looking for the best date hookup.

Pick Up Lines Are Not The Way To Go.

Listen: pick up lines are lame. If you ask, "Excuse me, ma'am, but did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" you will get an eye roll as a response. You might get a slap in the face for using "ma'am" too! And don't think just because your pick up line isn't "bad" that it will work any better. People do not like pick up lines. Just try talking to them instead!

Body Language Will Give You Your Answer.

Do they make eye contact? Do they get closer to you? Are they getting physical? Are they smiling? Do they look at your lips or draw your attention to theirs? Do they lean in? Are their pupils dilated? Are they focused on you? These are all excellent signs that a date hookup is on your horizon! Arms crossed? Trying to move away? Looking elsewhere else? Focused on something else? Move on!

A Good Wingman Is A Good Idea.

Everybody needs a little help sometimes. Enlist a trusted ally to help you in your date hookup quest and you will have an even better chance of sealing the deal.

Still looking for more advice? Well, we do not mean to toot our own horn, but we really feel that we have covered all the best pieces of advice you will need for being successful in date hookup spots anywhere you are located. If you really still feel like you need more, though, do not worry—we are still here to help. Here are some additional links that you can check out if you are looking for more date hookup advice:

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A Guide To Global Date Hookup Spots

If you are looking for the best date hookup spots in your area, you should check out AdultHookups' Guide To The Best Date Hookup Spots Around The World!

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