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Scroll down this page and you will find our Ultimate Cam Sites Directory. Inside, you will find a listing of the best adult cam sites on the web including their categories and sub-categories. Searching for the best Porn Cam Sites General Cam Sites? Eager to chat up girls on the world's best Free Cam Sites? Want to live out your fantasies at Fetish Cam Sites? You'll find all these inside plus much more. In addition, we have also shared lots of useful information about the pioneer cam girls and sites, the rules of cam dating sites (do's and don'ts), and lastly, our simple guide to help you succeed with adult cam sites. We're sure that you will find answers to your pressing questions and information that will help you determine the best cam site for you.

History of Cam Sites: Where it All Begun


The first of all cam sites can be traced to Jenni. While in her third year at Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, she visited a bookstore at school and got her first webcam. Thereafter, she designed and hosted her website where she uploaded photos and clips from her dorm room. Once the site was up and running, Jenni shared the address of her cam site with friends who helped her spread the word. Her website was also featured in Aussie newspaper something propelled it's popularity. She added more cameras as time went by. Jenni stopped self-broadcasts in 2003, but in the period she was running the cam site online, it had garnered millions of views per day. Reality-based programmes borrowed the concept of live broadcast from her. The success of her cam site also prompted live cam models to copy her idea and soon the world was ushered into the era of live webcam girls.

Jenni Ringley: The Pioneer Of Live Cam Girls

Jenni was a 19-year old student of Dickinson College when she built her cam-site from scratch. She holds the enviable title of being the first live cam girl in a world that's now teeming with webcam models. Her site JenniCam became immensely popular because she did not edit her webcam life for viewers. Jenni captured her normal life in her dorm room, but not on a diary but a live webcam. Guys who visited her site could watch her relaxing, studying, sleeping, and pleasuring herself among other things. Thanks to the popularity of her site, Jenni started making appearances on late night shows such as Today Show and Late Night with David Letterman . She also got published on the Salon and The Wall Street Journal among other shows as a guest.

After graduating for college, Jenni Moved to D.C. She continued her self broadcasts, but started charging an annual membership fee for those who wanted to view her Premium Cam Site. Members who paid would enjoy regular updates than those who signed up free. She used the money she made from annual subscriptions to install four more webcams in her home so that her audience could get more coverage. Jenni relocated to Sacramento in the year 2000, where she lived with Pamela Courtney one of her live cam girlfriends. After a short while, she had an affair with Dex, Courtney's then fiancé, something which irked her audience. Jenni declared that he had found her soulmate in Dex, but her fans would hear none of it as they felt she had betrayed Pamela. 3 years down the line, Jenni shut down her live cam website.

Three Simple Steps To Finding The Best Cam Sites


Browsing a cam site directory for the first time can be an overwhelming experience especially if you don't where to start. Don't worry. Below, you will find a three-step guide to help you navigate the the list of cam sites in our directory. What remains is for you to follow the steps one after the other until you find your dream cam site. It's that easy.

Step #1: Determine the Kind of Live Cam Girls You Want To Watch

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So it's up to you to decide on what kind of models or live cam girls you want to see. Some people are drawn by body types such as live BBW cam girls while others by sexual orientation like lesbian and fetish such as goth. You can never go wrong by following your fantasy, fetish or connecting with live cam girls who share your interests. Jump into a category and select a sub-category from our webcam site directory to see what ticks your fancy.

Step #2: Think About What You Want To Get Out Of Your Cam Site Experience

The moment you choose a category and click on the relevant link you will be directed to a sub-category or category page with a list of top 10 cam sites. Each listing includes a brief description plus a list of features. You will find information about the kind of live cam girls on a site, whether it supports live sex chat and messaging, whether it's premium or free, and whether you can stream webcam shows on mobile. With this information, you will be able to select the cam site that matches your needs, based of course, on what you're looking for in a cam site as a whole.

Step #3: Select Your Cam Site & Register!

Lastly, click on the link in the sub-category page and you will be directed to the your desired live cam website. Each website we have listed has a unique registration link. We have tried and tested them, as part of our assessment the world's best adult cam sites, and we can say confidently that they're not just easy to navigate but easy to join as well. Once in, you can stream live shows or chat up girls.

The Ultimate AdultHookups Cam Sites Directory


Finally, we're happy to list down the The Complete AdultHookups Cam Sites Directory!. The listing cover four main adult cam site categories (General, Niche, BDSM, and LGBT) including their respective sub-categories. Peruse them and discover the pleasures that lie inside. Exclusive cam site shows are just a click away!

Do's & Don'ts: The Rules Of Interacting With Live Cam Girls


The secret to succeeding on adult cam sites is to master the basic etiquette of online interaction especially with models and live cam girls. We've broken them down into "do's" and "don'ts" that you should keep in mind when join live webcam shows and private chat rooms. Don't just read and walk away, but put them into practice as you explore the cam sites in our directory. If you keep them at heart, they will endear you to just about every cam girl online.

DO: Observe Personal Rules!

Nearly all live web cam girls operate by a set of rules. These rules lay down what they are willing to do and what they cannot do in their webcam performances as well as offences and things that put them off. Most of the girls list them down in their profiles. So check out their profiles before you start interacting with them. If you observe the rules, you will always be in good books with the cam girls inside.

DON'T: Be Impolite!

No matter what happens, don't be rude or disrespectful to cam girls. That's the unspoken rule if you want to have a memorable adult cam site experience. You're more likely to get ignored if not banned by live cam girls for your obnoxious behavior. Some of the major put offs include ignoring personal rules, making disparaging remarks, making outrageous demands, and criticizing their performances.

DO: Tip Models!

The majority of women and performing live cam girls do so for a living. So tip them the way you would when you visit your favorite restaurant, or barbershop, or mechanic. Here is the thing that most guys miss. Tipping cam girls makes you more popular than the ordinary viewer. You can bet they will smile when they see you join their live webcam shows or private chat rooms.

DON'T: Ignore Chit Chat!

Just like most of us, live cam girls are gregarious. They like making friends, engaging in chit chat, and sharing their day-to-day experiences. So be friendly and ask them about their interests, hobbies, and what they do apart from performing on live cam. You'll be surprised to find cam girls who share your interests. If you join a chat room and you find a girl having a conversation with other fans, don't jump straight into sex talk. Be patient and let her carry on with the show. Who knows? She might heed to your request!

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